SONY MUSIC Visits COSON For Close Cooperation


A delegation from Sony Music Entertainment Africa paid a visit to the head office of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) early this week. The delegation led by the Managing Director, Mr. Sean Watson met with the Chairman of COSON, Chief Tony Okoroji and the society’s General Manager, Mr. Chinedu Chukwuji to discuss ways in which both organizations can work together for mutual benefits.

During the meeting, the landscape for the licensing of musical works and sound recordings in Nigeria was discussed. Also addressed were digital music exploitation and the best ways that both organizations can work together to harness the potentials of the digital age in music licensing and distribution.

Welcoming the delegation to the COSON office, Chief Okoroji said,

“At COSON, our mantra is ‘Let the music pay’ and this mantra provides the energy that drives everyone at COSON to do everything we can 24 hours every day to ensure that music is profitable for all those who invest their talent, ingenuity and financial resources to create and make available the music that the world enjoys. By now, I believe that everyone in Nigeria knows that our commitment to making the music pay for all music stakeholders and our country is total.

“We are not apologetic for the energy and passion we dedicate to this cause because our success will result in more wealth for our nation and more jobs for the large number of unemployed young people in our country.”COSON is today the number one institution driving the Nigerian music industry. That is a result of the unparalleled knowledge, experience and worldview behind the COSON leadership. With our hyperactivity, we continue to move closer to our objective of being the number one copyright collective management organization in the African continent. It is no longer debatable that Nigeria is today the hotbed of popular music in Africa. We will not allow the Nigerian nation fritter away such historic opportunity.
“We are determined to make Nigeria the most attractive place in the continent for investment in the entertainment industry, a place where the laws and commitments are respected by all. Today,COSON is represented in more than 85 countries around the world. As we seek respect for the music of Nigerians used in other countries, we assure you of the protection in Nigeria of the rights of the owners of all music, local or foreign, used in Nigeria. We are very happy with your desire to collaborate with us to let the music pay for everyone around the world in Nigeria.”Commenting on the visit, the General Manager, Mr.Chukwuji said, “We are glad to have Mr. Watson and his team from Sony Music Entertainment Africa here in our office and we look forward to a great working relationship with them.COSON is open to partnerships such as this which will be beneficial to the society and the creative industry in Nigeria. COSON is all for innovation and great opportunities that can move the Nigerian music industry to greater heights”.Accompanying Mr. Watson from the South Africa based organization was Ms. Manusha Sarawan, Director, New Business/Legal& Business Affairs and Mr. Craig Brown, Director of Finance.

Sony Music Entertainment is home to international artistes like the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Celine Dion, Shakira, John Legend, Pitbull, Rita Ora, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce amongst others.

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PHOTOS: Actress Rukky Sanda Flaunts Her Séxy Assets

Beautiful actress Rukky Sanda is still flaunting what she’s got for you guys. Check out her séxy swag below…

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Photos: Seun Kuti’s Concert In London

Fela’s son, Seun, is representing well at home and abroad. His performances are on point. More pix below…

…like father, like son!
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Do You Agree Davido’s Past Is Better than Some Folk’s Future?

Well, this is according to Comedian Bovi who also Dares Wizkid to Prove His Real Age…

The popular comedian – who co-hosts this week’s edition of MTV Base Official Naija Top Ten show with the regular host, Ehiz – said a lot that got people laughing non-stop in the studio.

With many celebrities posting “before” and “after” photos of themselves, to show their “Surulere” days on the social media, Bovi states that some Nigerian celebrities have avoided putting up any photos as they never experienced suffering while growing up. In his words: “Some of our celebrities like Davido have never seen or experienced suffering. He [Davido] can’t even put up one ‘Surulere’ picture because his past is brighter than some people’s future.”

Bovi, in his funny character, also throws a hilarious but frank jab at Wizkid. He says:

Wizkid is the only Nigerian boy who adds to his age while others keep reducing theirs. I believe he has never shaved before because he is just sixteen and if he is really older than that, I dare him to put up his birth certificate on Instagram to prove his real age!”

Davido is 21 according to details on his birth certificate, but Wizkid claims he’s 23. Who looks holder here?
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TB Joshua Delivers 2 Beautiful Ladies From Lésbian Spirit [Pix]


Whether it’s addressing contentious issues on Facebook, prophesying world events or celebrity deliverances in his church, the name of popular Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua can’t seem to leave the news of late.

The events of his church service broadcast live via Emmanuel TV on Sunday 23rd March 2014 proved to be no different as The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) witnessed the confession of two lesbians who said ‘demons’ were behind their lifestyle.Maria Terese George from Delta State explained to the congregation that her poverty background pushed her to seek help from an older lady. However, she had ulterior motives in promising to help the attractive19 year old. Maria explained while speaking in the packed church:

“She took me to a club where we went drinking. She took me to her house and started touching me. Because I was drunk, I responded.”

The day after this drunken encounter, Maria (see photo below) had an unusual dream. “A half-nakéd lady came to me in the dream and fed me with rice, stew and meat.”

Upon waking up, Maria’s affection for men disappeared and she began to admire her fellow females…

That was how the spirit of lesbianism entered me. I noticed that whenever I saw a female that was busty and curvy, I would always admire their features… I became a chronic lesbian,” she admitted. The same lady who introduced her to lésbianism brought her into a local pros’titution ring, assuring her that the riches she desired could easily be attained. If I needed money, I would go to meet men who were very rich – politicians and businessmen – but if I wanted to enjoy séx or feel ‘real’ love, I would go for a woman.”

Pros’titution led Maria to a neighbouring African country where her immoral lifestyle seemed only to worsen. However, resources disappeared as readily as they arrived. After several years of frustration, she decided it was time to return to Nigeria.

“When I came back, I called some of my old partners for connections,” Maria said. “They started laughing at me and told me they are now married with kids.” Maria was perplexed. She never thought it possible for one to leave lesbianism after tasting it.“I was confused and asked them what they meant. All four of them independently told me they went to T.B. Joshua’s church for deliverance,” much to the delight of the crowd. “Maybe TheSCOAN doesn’t know that they have delivered a lot of lesbians,” she added.Making up her mind to visit the church based in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, her resolve was immediately followed by a terrible nightmare.

“That half-nakéd woman came to me in the dream and said, ‘Look – you think you can leave me! Go and pick up a knife and kill yourself’.”  Upon waking, Maria immediately packed her bags and left for The SCOAN that morning.

During the church service on Sunday 16th March 2014, one of T.B. Joshua’s ‘Wise Men’ prayed for Maria and she experienced the ‘deliverance’ her friends had spoken of.

“I have never experienced that type of thing before! I had gone to other places for ‘deliverance’ but it didn’t go. That is when I found myself even craving more for women.”

According to her, when prayed for, she began ‘manifesting’ and a strange voice spoke through her. After the ‘deliverance’, Maria testified to a total transformation.

“I no longer have affection for women. When I see any woman, I don’t feel it again – I see you as a sister or as my mother. I am seeing myself now as a woman that will settle with a man.”

Advising people, the former lesbian told the congregation:

“This lesbian spirit is a very stubborn spirit – it takes the grace of God for it to leave you.”

In his comments, T.B. Joshua said:
“Don’t hate the people; hate the act. Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin. Now you are delivered, it is time to live in the Word,” he warned Maria. “Because of Christ, you are delivered – for the salvation of your soul.”

The story of Nneoma Onyema was not so dissimilar. Running away from home aged 18 and becoming a hair stylist in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, a rich lady approached her in the salon one day. After complimenting her appearance, she gave Nneoma extra money and invited her to a high profile club. Intoxicating the teen with alcohol, she awoke the next morning in bed with the lady carousing her.

“She changed my name to Jennifer and took me to a man who put tattoo of love on my back,” she explained to the church.

Immediately after this encounter, Nneoma’s affection and attention turned only to females. Dancing in a club to make a living, she had no contact whatsoever with her family who hadn’t heard from her in three years. However, after being viciously attacked by a girl who claimed she ‘took’ her girlfriend, a friend advised Nneoma, whose life was clearly in a mess, to visit T.B. Joshua’s church in Lagos for help.

“When the Wise Man prayed for me, I felt an electric shock pulsating through my entire body” Nneoma said of her experience.

The ‘demon’ that spoke through her said it was ‘a great lesbian’and had tormented her life. In a remarkable twist of fate, Nneoma’s brother Emmanuel who had not seen her for three years was in The SCOAN congregation that very day.

“I always used to put Nneoma’s picture on the screen of Emmanuel TV when T.B. Joshua prayed. I was so shocked to see her in the church that day,” Emmanuel explained, adding that he was hearing this confession from Nneoma for the very first time.

T.B. Joshua pledged to support Nneoma in her education so as to enable her to start a new life.

“Judge not, so that you will not be judged. We should talk to people to be saved and not to die. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. The Bible is my standard,” TB Joshua said in a Facebook post.

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Wizkid Finally Confirms His Relationship With Tania Is Over

The story has been flying for sometime now in the media but no one was sure until now. Wizkid has confirmed it himself on a radio chat with Gbemi on Beat FM. Below is what he said about their break up:

“My friend [Tania] is fine. We’re cool. But I’m single now, you know. But it’s all love. I got love for her. She’s like my best friend anyways.”

It’s funny how relationships work these days, you just have to manage otherwise you can’t cope with ladies.

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PHOTOS: Check Out Genevieve Nnaji’s Grown Up Daughter

Her name is Chimebuka but her friends call her Theo. Genevieve Nnaji got pregnant in her teenage age but due to her parent’s church policy, she could not abort the pregnancy. Today she is happy that her daughter is now a big girl who is about 20yrs old. See more lovely photos of Genevieve’s cute daughter below…

…hopefully, one day we will know the man who gave Genevieve this beautiful girl!
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PHOTOS: Comedian I Go Dye Building Multimillion Naira Castle

Popular comedian I Go Dye is indeed a Game Changer. The guy is now building his second mulitimillion naira mansion in Benin City. The building is actually a royal castle. Waoh! Check out more photos below…

I Go Dye’s castle, a model of “French Luxury Chateaux des Reves” is almost completed. Congrats to him!
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TB Joshua Drops Bombshell: The Coming 2015 Big Shocker

General Overseer of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua is not one who talks with the media unless it is important. In this latest interview, he warns politicians not to derail the nation’s democracy. He spoke with Tai Anyanwu on the State of the Nation and the battle ahead. Excerpts…

There are so many troubles in Nigeria today, problems with insecurity, threats to national unity and political manoeuvres by rival political parties. What are your comments concerning these troubled times in the country?
It is a normal thing for a country that has a bright future, God’s promise. A bright future always attracts persecution, condemnation and enemies when it’s realised that the future is bright; you will see a lot of pressures and threats. The country is on the path to greatness; it will compete with any Western nation in the future and the Western nations know that Nigeria is going to be a giant. The greatness will still come but for the coming generation.

With the turbulence being experienced in some states of the federation; and the election just around the corner, how will things play out?
Elections will not happen in…

Some states because of the frequent attacks. This could affect between three to four states. The states would be a no-go area due to violence and elections would not take place in those states unless we move closer to God. We must intensify our prayers. This is what God has showed me and you can imagine what would happen if elections don’t hold in those states. It would have great implication for our democracy.

How should we manage it?
We should not allow the politicians to politicise all the areas of our lives. For example if you want to enjoy anything, you have to be part of their party – to get a job, etc. Unless you are part of their party, you cannot benefit from things that should be available to you as a citizen. Look at electricity, health etc. – they have politicised everything. Even religion has been politicised; Christianity has been politicised. Politicians go to church; the pulpit is where they campaign now.

Even they go to churches and mosques to bomb them. These are people in church who had gone to pray for themselves. Must everybody become a politician? How we handle the situation at hand now matters. If the situation is not well managed, we will find ourselves postponing the great Nigeria, meaning we will not witness it but it would be witnessed by our children.

Don’t let us politicise every area of our lives. Let us carefully play our politics with keen decency because 2015 matters in the history of Nigeria. It is either we cross the bridge successfully or it collapses. A good Nigerian that wants this greatness should be able to pay whatever proper price that is needed to be paid to make this dream of a great Nigeria possible. If your being in politics will make this greatness come, then join. From now to 2015 is a very important period in the history of Nigeria and if we don’t manage the situation well, our democracy would be rubbished.

How do you mean … that our democracy would be rubbished?
A situation where there would be lawlessness – lawlessness in the sense that the law would not be capable of guiding us because of the pros (for) and cons (against) as contained in the law. That would now take so much time which would lead Nigeria to a discussion table. Where would you and I be at that time?

What can you say about APC and PDP?
In body we can call it APC and PDP but in spirit, they are one and the same thing. I am yet to see the difference. I am looking forward to seeing the difference.

The president has just suspended Sanusi Lamido and people are saying he is being witchhunted because of his revelation on $20bn missing oil money. What is your take on this?
There are some agencies that are technical. CBN is one of the agencies that we should not play politics with or politicise. One, the head of the agency should do away with politics; the president should also not play politics with the agency.

With the situation in Nigeria today and the agitation on 2015, what advice do you have for politicians not to create more tension in the polity and what is the way out?
The advice; many of us need to leave politics while many others need to join, in order to inject fresh blood. The people that need to leave politics are not the common people. This is in order to avert the disaster that could rubbish our democracy

The Synagogue is now like a tourist centre; what’s happening here that is different from what is happening in other churches?
There is nothing happening here that is different from other living churches. If there is any difference, it is the availability of abundance of anointing to meet needs. Where there is demand, there is supply, says the Lord.

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Actress Damilola Adegbite Is Pregnant For Her Ghanaian Lover

Many have been wondering why beautiful actress Damilola Adegbite and Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh are set to get married in the next few weeks, when their relationship is just starting. Anyway, sources say the thing don enter and no need wasting time before people start talking about her big tummy without husband.

Those close to the actress say her family may not be happy with her pregnancy outside marriage…

Hence, the best way to appease them is to get married to the Ghanaian guy who did it… Cute couple!
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