Ice Cube And Kevin Hart Keep Dominating The Box Office

ride along

By April Taylor

As unexpected as it is, the Kevin Hart and Ice Cube’s cop comedy, Ride Along, has taken the top spot at the US Box Office for the second week in a row.  Mail Online is reporting that the cop comedy has earned an additional $21.2 million in its second week on top.  Over the holiday weekend last week, the film set a debut record for the month of January by earning $48.6 million for a total of $75.4 million for the two weeks it has been in theaters.  For its third week, the film will be competing against The Awkward Moment, a romantic comedy starring Zac Efron and the Kate Winslett and Josh Brolin movie Labor Day.

Ride Along was brought to theaters by Universal Studios and directed by Tim Story.  Besides starring in the film, Ice Cube also helped produce it.  Kevin Hart plays Ben Barber while Ice Cube plays his potential brother-in-law James Payton.  The two are on a 24-hour patrol of Atlanta, and the plot of the film focuses on Payton proving that he is worthy of marrying James’ sister.  While cop comedies are not a new idea for a film, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are proving that they have something new and interesting to bring to this particular type of comedy.

Ice Cube’s entertainment career began with him as a rapper as part of the group CIA.  He later joined NWA after which he enjoyed a fairly successful solo career.  Ice Cube has also had experience as a writer, director, actor and producer in both the television and film industries.  Kevin Hart’s career began with him as a stand up comedian after which he ventured into film.  The early success of Ride Along provides both actors with some much needed success after more than a few years passing since their most recent successes on the big screen.  Audiences are clearly enjoying the movie, and it will be nice to see what other successes the film will bring for both Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

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