Black Student at Univ. of Michigan Say Racist Campus is Mistreating Them


This interview is between Dr. Boyce Watkins and Johari Shuck, an alumnus from The University of Michigan.  The students in the University of Michigan Black Student Union have promised to respond with “physical actions” if a set of demands aren’t met by the administration.  The rise of the black student body at Michigan is unique and getting the attention of the nation, since this is one of the few times that black students on a university campus have spoke against the rampant racism which exists within many of these institutions.

Johari Shuck, an alumnus of the school, has organized other alums to create a petition on behalf of the students in order to support them in their endeavors.   Shuck and others are saying that they aren’t going to stop pushing the campus to do the right thing and acknowledge their concerns about the lack of diversity on the campus.  According to Shuck, the percentage of black students on the University of Michigan campus has dropped from eight percent during her time on campus in the 1990s to as low as four percent today.  However, Michigan earns millions from African American athletes through its sports programs, which makes students wonder:  Does this school only care about black people when they can play sports?

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