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 wybx adidasNigeria Webizzi 600x305 DR. SID & TEJU BABYFACE CELEBRATE adidas NIGERIA ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY & STORE LAUNCH Nigerian Music Download | Mp3 |mp4 |Audio | 3gp

Superstar musician Dr. Sid and veteran comedian Teju Babyface were among the celebrities and stars that were on hand a few weeks ago as adidas Nigeria celebrated their one year anniversary in Nigeria and official launched the adidas store in Ikeja City Mall, Lagos.

Also in attendance were Warren Bowers, retail director of adidas South Africa and Gugu Ntuli, PR manager for adidas South Africa. The event marked the official unveiling of the adidas flagship store in Ikeja City Mall, Lagos and Grand Towers Mall, Abuja while also celebrating the one-year anniversary of the iconic adidas brand presence in Nigeria.
Fans and consumers alike were treated to a walk-through of the store to experience the brand first hand, while the Nigeria vs Ethiopia World Cup qualifying game was also streamed to beaming fans at the Silverbird Cinema in Ikeja, with the new adidas collection showcased during the half-time fashion show, all courtesy of adidas Nigeria.
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Dirty Secrets of Jonathan’s “Minister” Obanikoro Comes Out

It is becoming obvious that President Goodluck Jonathan has a penchant for appointing men and woman with questionable antecedents into public offices. And, funny enough, it seems the SSS is even afraid to do proper screening on anyone he decides to give a political appointment.

How do you explain a situation where security agencies cleared Stella Oduah as a Minister only for us to find out later that she forged an MBA from an institution that do not even offer such programme?

Now a man cleared by the same security agencies to become a Minister is involved in another mess…

Frothing with potentially lethal allegations, a letter to relevant authorities had questioned Senator Obanikoro’s declarations in the affidavit of personal particulars, sworn to at a High Court Registry on 14 December 2006, and the details of his residency in the United States.

The then Action Congress, AC, alleges that the claims made in INEC Form CF001, a copy of which is in possession of this medium, amounts to perjury. Specifically, Obanikoro is deemed to have given a false response to the question: “Did you change nationality in the past?”

His answer, according to the form, was: “N/A” (not applicable). Same response was given to next question: “Have you voluntarily acquired the citizenship of another country? (If yes, what country?)”

The AC, however, contends that Musiliu Obanikoro holds an American passport No.02531795, issued in Chicago on 16 June 1995. A copy of the description page, obtained by this medium, bears Obanikoro’s photograph and the name Onikoro Mohammed Musiliu Olatunde, which the PDP candidate has admitted he once bore.

“In other words, the holder of the said United States of America Passport, Number 025317195 issued in Chicago on the 16th of June 1995, MUHAMMED MUSILIU OLATUNDE ONIKORO is a citizen of the United States of America. The distinguished Senator has not only changed his nationality in the past, he has also voluntarily acquired the citizenship of another country, which country is the United States of America.

Interesting to note that from the Senator’s affidavit, Mohammed Musiliu Olatunde Onikoro, is his birth name.” observed the AC.

Curiously, Obanikoro once denied bearing Onikoro. As the Lagos Island Local Government chairmanship candidate of the defunct Grassroots Democratic Movement in 1997, Obanikoro was dragged before the Local Government Election Tribunal by Babajide Damazio, candidate of the defunct United Nigeria Congress Party (UNCP).

Though unsuccessful, Damazio sought the disqualification of Obanikoro, who had been declared winner by the defunct National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (NECON). In a petition to the tribunal, Damazio alleged that Obanikoro, the first respondent, was ineligible. The second respondent in the suit, with No EP/LND/2/97, was NECON.

One of the grounds on which Damazio based his petition was Obanikoro’s alleged possession of an American passport with the name Muhammed Musiliu Olatunde Onikoro. Damazio also alleged that Obanikoro was called or known as Musiliu Olatunde Onikoro or Mohammed Musiliu Olatunde Onikoro until 15 March 1997, when the election held.

In his defence, Obanikoro denied holding an American passport as well as ever bearing Onikoro. “That whilst it is true that the 1st respondent lived in the United States of America for several years and did acquire his post-secondary education in that country, and was qualified to voluntarily acquire the citizenship, the 1st respondent denies ever acquiring the citizenship of the United States of America and puts the petitioner to the strictest proof thereof…The 1st respondent denies bearing the name Mohammed Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro as alleged in paragraph 4 (c) of the petition,” the tribunal’s judgement read in part.

Next to attract AC’s suspicion were Obanikoro’s date of birth and age attained on his last birthday. In the copy of INEC form CF001 available to TheNEWS, Obanikoro recorded his date of birth as 28-7-54 and age as 52.

But supplying a slew of documents, including Obanikoro’s official Nigerian passport, diplomatic passport, American passport, birth registration, educational and marriage records, the AC is contending that the PDP candidate was born on 28 July 1960. “It is interesting to note that the distinguished Senator, in his application form for his official passport, in which application form he attached the same passport photograph, as was attached to the affidavit in support of his personal particulars, he, in his own writing, put his date of birth as the 28th of July 1960,” the AC said. The party added that Obanikoro’s official passport Number F0004473, issued on 26 September 2001, in the name of Musiliu Olatunde Mohammed Obanikoro, and his diplomatic passport Number D0002471, issued on 11 October 2001 bear 28 July 1960 as his date of birth.

Also, marriage records obtained from Harris County, Hennepin, Texas, United States, appear to strengthen AC’s position. According to the records, Obanikoro (then Onikoro) married one Jewel M. Weller, aged 18. The records put Obanikoro’s date of birth as 28 July 1960.

“If the distinguished Senator was born in 1954 as he alleges, a fact most improbable, it follows that he was 19 years of age when he finished primary school, and the next year enrolled in Texas State University at 20 in 1981 and married Jewel Weller a year later at the age of 21. It is also most improbable, going by the records, that he completed his primary education at the age of 19 and enrolled in the Texas Southern University four years later, two years after his marriage to Jewel Weller in 1982,” the AC argued. A copy of the form Obanikoro filled for admission into the university also gave his date of birth as 28 July 2004 and his address as 7 Idoluwo Street, Lagos. Curiously, the same address is borne by his registration of birth, which records Obanikoro’s date of birth as 28 July 1954.

Also caught in the headlights of AC’s scrutiny were Obanikoro’s certificates issued by Texas Southern University, where he obtained two degrees in 1981 and 1986 respectively. The PDP flagbearer’s certificates bear the name Obanikoro, though school records only have Musiliu Onikoro as an alumnus. The bearer, who was issued an American passport in 1995, had been issued a Nigerian international passport, with No. B2229384, in 1991. The photograph in the passport is also that of Senator Obanikoro.

To the AC, the senator’s accusers, the certificates bearing Obanikoro could only have been issued by authorities other than the university’s. “How could the distinguished Senator have obtained a degree or degree certificates in the name of Obanikoro when both his school and public records in the United States and, indeed Nigeria from birth, marriage through school and subsequent naturalisation all read Onikoro. The Texas Southern University admits that one Onikoro passed through its portals, but have no records of an Obanikoro doing same about the time in question. The certificates presented by the distinguished Senator, we can safely conclude, are forged,” wrote the AC.

Attracting similar attention is Obanikoro’s failure to participate in the compulsory one-year National Youth Service scheme, prescribed for graduates of Nigeria’s tertiary institutions. While the scheme provides for exemption of persons above the age of 30, the provision was not made until August 1985. Obanikoro, alleged the AC, did not provide INEC with an evidence of participation, implying non-participation, an action, under the law, that makes him ineligible for employment in Nigeria as well as being liable–upon conviction–to a fine of N2,000 or to a jail term of one year or both.

The AC contends that Obanikoro could not have been exempted because he graduated in May 1984, when he was 24 years old. The party also contends that even if the senator was born in 1954, as his recent birth particulars suggest, he could still not have been exempted because the provision came into effect in 1985. “Indeed, the distinguished Senator is not only ineligible for the office of Governor of Lagos State, but must immediately vacate his seat as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and make himself available forthwith to the National Directorate of the National Youth Service Corps Scheme, for service under the scheme,” insists the AC.

Other documents made available to this magazine contain suggestions that Obanikoro may have had a crime-coated past. While in the US, revealed the documents, Obanikoro used multiple social security numbers, despite the country’s laws permitting the use of just one for a lifetime. But a staff of the public affairs unit of the United States Information Service (USIS) in Lagos told this magazine a person may be issued another social security number if his citizenship is revoked and then restored. She described this as an “extraordinary circumstance.” But there is no evidence to suggest that Obanikoro’s citizenship was revoked at any time.

For instance, when he lived in Chicago, documents show that his date of birth was given as 28 July 1960. His social security number was 454-15xxxx.

Other numbers used were 464-51xxxx, 454-61xxxx, 464-15xxxx and 035-58xxxx, which was also used by one M. Morrophat Onikoro.

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What Happened between Me and Prophet Ajanaku ––Tope Alabi

The controversy between gospel singer Tope Alabi and her late “Spiritual Father” Pastor Ajanaku is one that a lot of people want to know the truth about. Tope Alabi shares some with The Punch in this chat:

Your husband has been supportive; he is even your manager…
He is no longer my manager. I have a new manager. He is the marketer now. He is my boyfriend and the father of my children. He is the small boy in the house that must eat first even if no other person has eaten.

But most men don’t want their wives to be in the spotlight, how come he supports you like this?
I just thank God for his life. You can imagine, when we go for programmes, I would be given a seat in the front row while my husband would be given a seat at the back. Imagine! I would always tell him to come and sit in front so I can go to the back but he would never agree. He would ask me if he was Tope Alabi. God has been guiding us. How would I have managed without a husband like this?

Another story that generated some kind of controversy is the issue you had with the late Pastor Ajanaku, did you ever make up before he died?

On that issue, I would rather say no comment. When God is working in your life, anything can happen along the line. The Israelites faced turbulence and eventually got out of it. We need people who are spirit-filled to just fold their arms and watch what God will do.Some people say you are happy he is no more…
God doesn’t like anybody who rejoices over a friend or enemy’s death. I cannot be an enemy of what God created. I can only be an enemy of God’s enemy. If you don’t like God, certainly, I will not like you. But I still say no comment on that issue.Does it mean you will not tell us what really caused the problem between you two?
No comment. I just want people to say what they want to say. You are free. Your heart is not in my heart. People can speculate. People can feel whatever they want to feel.

But we learnt he anointed another singer as his spiritual child and it got you so upset…
I wasn’t there. I don’t know. So if I wasn’t there, how would I now ‘put mouth’ in something I don’t know about? I can’t say what I don’t know.

But did you feel bad that he replaced you, even if you weren’t there, you must have heard it?
I cannot feel bad. I didn’t feel bad. I can bring somebody today and I decide to bring that person up. Anybody is free to do whatever he/she feels like doing.

We learnt you also stopped attending his church…
Actually, I was never a member of his church but people don’t know this. I am just a woman who loves to help ministries. I go to the church and I give money, not small money. I can work for six months and I take my tithe to him just to bless his ministry. I do that in other ministries. I can minister in churches without collecting money. I know what I have passed through. I know where I am coming from. I want to bless God and thank Him.

The first day I ministered in his church, he gave me money but I didn’t collect it. I never collected money from him in my life, but I have donated millions to his church and so many other churches. I have so many people living in my house that I don’t even know their parents; and I just help them. I pay their fees. My husband helps the widows, we donate to orphanages. We just want to help.
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B00bs Queen, Munachi Abii Opens Up On Some Private Stuffs

The sexy Munachi Abii is a former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria who later became a rapper, though not much is coming from her in the area. She opened up to Punch on some private stuffs about herself…

What have you been up to lately? You haven’t been in the news. Is it a deliberate decision?
Yes it is a deliberate decision. I’d rather be in the news for a good reason. A good reason would be something positive. My video for No Tomorrow just got released, so I’m promoting that.

For you, who is that one guy you would never forget in a hurry?

Well, as much as I would like to remember some, I’ve got what you may call selective amnesia; so it’s all forgotten. I’m actually telling you the truth. The reason why it is in the past is because it didn’t work out and it must have hurt me. If it did, I’d forget it. I have forced myself to forget things to the point where I don’t remember things anymore.Who was your first crush?
I think Michael Jackson or Bruce Lee. Michael was my love. He could do no wrong in my eyes. He was perfect, black or white. I’m attracted to super humans.At what age did the love letters and advancements from men start in your life?
I never really got love letters. Advancements from men began in my teens.

So how was it coping with their advances at such a tender age?
That’s easy. We always had lines for the boys and the young men; the ‘I will think about it’ to the ‘I’m sorry I have a boyfriend line’ was always there.

Are you in a relationship?
Yes, I’m super emotional. I love love, but I’ve always been afraid of love. But this time, I decided to let go. I haven’t looked back since.

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Actress Jackie Appiah Dazzles In New Séxy Photos

There’s no doubt that Jackie Apppiah is still the leading actress in Ghana and this was further confirmed as she emerged the Best Actress at the 2013 Ghana Movie Award. More photos of the séxy actress below…

Séxy mama!
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Ladies, Big B00bs May Be Bad For Your Health

For the average man, voluminous breasts are a turn-on. That men drool over breasts is an open secret; and in these days of half-nude dressing styles that tend to favour the baring of the bosom, things can only get as far as people want, and it’s getting worse by the day.

Some women, too, knowing the wonders that largish breasts can do to men, go all out to put them ondisplay. No wonder that men even lament that they are being sexually frustrated by these unguarded exposures.

But beyond the social implications of possessing killer breasts, there are serious health issues:

“To make matters worse, the more these chemicals are stored in the breast tissue, the more likely they are to be transferred into a woman’s breast milk and passed along to her newborn children.”

The health issues, according to a report by Punch’s Fatai Ibrahim, should be of concern to any woman who has ample mammary glands. Without meaning to raise the alarm, experts are warning that there are some breast sizes that you can’t possess and simply carry on as if the whole world could wait.Cancer risk
Of course, every woman has the responsibility of caring for her breasts, especially after hitting the magical age 40. But much more, those who have sizeable breasts — medically referred to as macromastia — must do more. This is because researchers warn that women with hefty breasts are at an increased risk of advanced breast cancer.A research presented at the International Seminars in Surgical Oncology note that “It is hypothesised that women with large breasts are more likely to have node positive disease mainly attributable to their breast size.”

The researchers, led by Chaminda Sellahewa of the Department of Surgery, Russells Hall Hospital in the United Kingdom, say a study of 120 women for primary breast cancers in a large Teaching Hospital within a one-year period reveals that “big breasted women (those patients with mastectomy weight greater than 800g) had a significantly greater tumour size than those with smaller breasts.”

The scientists lament that women with large breasts have more advanced stage of disease at presentation, noting that “the larger breasts of obese women may make it difficult to detect early disease by palpation (medical examination by touching).”

They also suggest that “women with large breasts may develop lymph node metastasis at a smaller size of primary breast cancer than those with smaller breast because of altered host responses.”

In simple terms, physicians say, what this translates into is that cancer can start from the lymph nodes and spread to other parts of the body — including the breasts.

Type 2 diabetes risk
In a study entitled ‘Breast size and risk of Type-2 diabetes mellitus’ published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers assessed the prospective risk of developing Type-2 diabetes according to bra cup size among a sample of over 92,000 women participating in the Nurses’ Health Study II.

The average age of the women at the start of the study was 38 years. During the 10-year follow up, a total of 1,844 women developed Type-2 diabetes.

After taking into consideration numerous established risk factors such as physical activity, smoking, diet, family history of diabetes, body mass index and waist circumference, among others, it was shown that in a graded fashion, the bigger the bra cup size, the greater the risk of developing diabetes.

Exposure to pollution
The online portal,, reports that when a woman has large breasts, she’s at a greater risk of pollution exposure.

It warns, “Bigger breasts also put women at a greater exposure for pollutants because the body stores toxic chemicals in fatty tissue. Therefore, the bigger the cup size, the greater concentration of fatty tissue to store chemicals like mercury and Polychlorinated biphenyls” — an oily, odourless and tasteless industrial chemical used in pesticides and paint.

Worse still, scientists warn that PCBs have been shown to both inhibit and mimic estradiol — the predominant sex hormone present in females; and research has revealed that the imitation of the estrogen compound supports the development of estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells, uterine and cervical cancer cells.

Poisoned breast milk
It’s not the large-breasted woman alone that suffers the consequences of chemical deposit; if she’s a nursing mother, her baby will be affected.

To drive home this point, a writer, Florence Williams, in her book entitled, Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, bemoans, “What happens in our environment is reflected in our breasts. Breast-feeding is a very efficient way to transfer our society’s industrial flotsam to the next generation. Our breasts soak up pollution. Breasts carry the burden of the mistakes we have made.”

In general, the experts express concern that many man-made toxins “will remain in our bodies and in our children’s bodies for long enough, such that today’s baby girls will transmit the toxins to their own children.”

Back pain
Physicians say all women will complain of backaches at some point in their lives. However, for those with big breasts, it is tantamount to hulking a heavy backpack all over the place. At least that’s the testimony of heavily endowed Nollywood actress, Cossy Orjiakor, in an interview with this newspaper.

Experts agree with this confession, saying those who have disproportionately large breasts often experience chronic or long-lasting pain that affects their quality of life. The suspected culprit here is the use of ill-fitting bra.

“Ill-fitting bras do not support breasts properly, leading to shoulder grooves, which in turn leads to neck pain, which can bring on headaches and migraines. It’s a vicious cycle of painful health problems,” online portal, Medline Plus, says.

Skin irritation
Dermatologists say a woman with large, pendulous breasts can experience yeast infection, skin rashes and skin irritation under the breasts because the area is almost always wet. The situation is worse during a warm, humid weather, experts say.

In conclusion, if you have large breasts, keep in constant touch with your doctor, who will teach you how to care for your assets.

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Singer Waje’s Boyfriend Dumps Her After Everything

It’s always not easy to have a young Nigerian man date a lady who’s had a baby out of wedlock, unless on few and exceptional cases. I think this is what might have happened to singer, Waje, as her boyfriend just broke up with her few weeks after she finally revealed her teenage daughter in the media.

The busty singer is seriously heart broken and has been crying out…

Could it be that the guy wasn’t aware of her grown up daughter before now? #Love&Trouble
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BREAKING: Cristiano Ronaldo Wins World footballer of the Year

Against all odds, especially from the merciless Messi, Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo has emerged as the FIFA World Footballer of the Year. Ronaldo finally got the Ballon D’or. Congratulations to him…

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UNBELIEVABLE: Pope Francis Baptises Man & Girlfriend Baby

Seriously, this is what it is not a fiction or something else as it happened recently at the Vatican…

The man who is challenging many traditions in the Catholic church, Pope Francis on Sunday baptised the child of a man and his girlfriend (an unmarried couple) during a ceremony at the Sistine Chapel, in Rome.

Speaking in the relaxed manner that has become his trademark during the baptism, Pope Francis also broke with the tradition of delivering long and formal speech, and instead read a short script he had written himself.

The Pope has previously called priests who refuse to baptize children of unmarried women ‘hypocrites’, saying there was need for them to baptize the kids in order to pass on the Christian faith.

A report according to Dailymail, the unnamed parents and their child took part in the traditional Baptism of The Lord mass with 31 others, commemorating the day that St. John baptised Jesus.Earlier on in September, the pontiff had telephoned an Italian woman to tell her he would personally baptise her child after she became pregnant by a man who was already married.

Shop worker Anna Romano, 35, was on holiday when she received the call from the record-breaking Pope.

In the words of Anna: “I was just so surprised that he had telephoned me. He said that he had read my letter and he wanted to speak to me personally about it and reassure me that someone was worried about me.”
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Men & Woman: Here Are Natural Ways To Delay éjaculation

Last week I promised I was going to share with you natural ways to delay éjaculation, prevent weak erection, overcome premature éjaculation and increase séxual stamina. Premature éjaculation, or ejaculating before you or your wife want you to, is a common problem that strikes most men at some point in their lives.

Several factors can influence when éjaculation occurs during the act of séx, but it can be controlled with some forethought or, in extreme cases, medical intervention.

Below are strategies to help you get over premature ejaculation and improve your séxual stamina…

Sometimes we do not have any medical condition; this condition just happens. For quick fixes, I suggest you just wear a condom or two together at the same time as the case may require. It sounds too simple to be true, but it works for a lot of men. The most natural thing is to apply strategic pressure. With a little anatomy knowledge, you can delay an oncoming ejaculation by applying pressure to one of two spots.First is the perineum pressure: this is pressing on the perineum, perineum is a spot midway between your scrotum and your anus, and firm pressure will help to stop ejaculation because this spot reaches through to the prostate gland. It is the prostate that contracts and expands during orgasm and then expels the ejaculation fluid. If you find it difficult to do, just make sure you are very clean down there and there after, ask your wife to assist in applying this loving pressure for you. Then the testes tug: When a man is so close to orgasm or very near orgasm, his scrotum rises up closer to his body. You can delay ejaculation by gently pulling your testes down and away from your body.To make it more romantic and passionate, teach and train your wife to do this for you. Another natural way is to do all you can to reduce anxiety. For many husbands’ extreme williness to over-impress their wives, couple with anxiety and pressure to perform have been a major contributor to premature ejaculation. If you can just relax and remember that your wife probably cares about you and all you represent in her life more than the timing of your orgasms, and that premature ejaculation doesn’t mean you can’t still be good in bed.

Then, don’t start off sex with orgasm in focus please and please, take climaxing out of your expectations. Instead of viewing intercourse only as a means of achieving orgasm, reframe it as relaxing, pleasurable time with your adorable wife and season of bonding that you’ll enjoy regardless of ejaculation. For effectiveness, take time out, have a family meeting and discuss this new mindset with your wife, so that she can stop pressuring you, intentionally or un-intentionally. Then while in the very act of sex, do all you can to think nonsexual thoughts. If you notice yourself getting too excited, turn your thoughts to something distant, abstract and unsexy, such as math, rush hour traffic or football match.Only dwell on it long enough to give yourself a short break from arousal, maybe 5 to 10 seconds, and then refocus your attention on your wife and the action of sex. Avoid thinking of a topic that is going to make you stressed or cause you to lose your arousal entirely. Thoughts such as the payment of the children school fees, Nigeria erratic power supply or some moods killer thoughts should be avoided. Now proceed further and try edging. Edging, or orgasm control, is the practice of maintaining a high level of sexual arousal while delaying ejaculation. It takes practice, but it gets easier over time.
Here are two methods recommended to stop premature ejaculation. Stop-and-start method: Have intercourse as usual until you feel yourself coming uncomfortably close to orgasm. Immediately and abruptly, cease all stimulation for 30 seconds, and then start again. Repeat this pattern until you’re ready to ejaculate. Squeeze method: Have intercourse as usual until you feel like orgasm is seconds away. Abruptly, stop other stimulation and gently squeeze your thumb and forefinger around the part of the penis where the glans meet the shaft (or your wife could do this).After squeezing for a few seconds, try and pause all stimulation for another 30 seconds before resuming intercourse. Repeat this pattern until you’re ready to ejaculate.Then try and change sexual positions. Some intercourse positions put less pressure on the glans (or the most sensitive part of the penis). Here’s what to do: Try “passive” positions. Lie beneath your wife, or try a side-by-side (or spooning) position. Avoid “active” positions.

Missionary and rear-entry positions place the most stimulation and friction on the glans, so consider taking them off the menu for now. And then take it slow. Depending on your personal sensitivity, slowing your movements and opting for gentler, more teasing intercourse can help you hold off orgasm longer. If you find yourself getting too close to orgasm, slow down a bit, change to a new position, or take a break to stimulate your wife in fore play. Make sure you focus on foreplay.

Sometimes, “premature” ejaculation is a frame of mind. Even if your ejaculation comes quickly during intercourse, you can still give your wife a great sexual experience through more extended, intimate, attentive and generous foreplay. Stimulate your wife enough manually, orally or with toys, and she may not need or want a long session of intercourse to finish happy.

Then of course, do PC muscle exercises. Flexing and strengthening your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle can help you exert more control over ejaculation. (Note that this is also called Kegel exercises, which you might have heard me recommend for women. The muscle is the same in both sexes.) Locate your PC muscle. Put one or two fingers right behind your testicles.

Pretend that you are urinating, and then try to stop the flow with a quick muscle contraction. That muscle you just used to stop the flow from the bladder is your PC muscle. Flex the muscle regularly. Try to do 10 to 20 squeezes in a set, 2 or 3 times a day. Do a set whenever you’re bored or stationary, like when you’re sitting at your desk or in traffic. No one will be able to see that you’re doing them. Squeeze your PC muscle when you feel ejaculation coming on. Once the muscle is strong enough, you should be able to hold it off just like stopping flow when urinating. Practise controlling your orgasm. When you are with your wife, focus on improving your control over your climax. Stimulate yourself to the edge of climax and then stop.

Do this several times before finishing. As you practise, learn to recognise the feeling of getting close to orgasm, and take note of how close you can get and still effectively stop, and when you’ve reached a “point of no return.” During intercourse, use that knowledge to slow down or adjust your movements if you get too close too early. Condoms reduce stimulation for most men, which should prolong the time before ejaculation. But while looking for a condom to buy, steer clear of condoms that are marketed as extra thin. Instead, get a brand that allows more stimulation later.

Some condoms are coated with a slight numbing gel on the inside. This can help you put off ejaculation for longer without causing numbness to your wife. (Just make sure you know which side is where when you put it on.) Use an analgesic cream or spray. There are two classes of these products. The first is the traditional “numbing” creams and sprays that have been in the market for some time. The advantage is that you’ll feel less sensation, which will delay ejaculation. While the disadvantage is that your wife may suffer a loss of sensation as well and of course less sensitive intercourse is not always an appealing notion, even in these circumstances. There is a new class of topical herbs that absorb into the skin to deliver a mild anaesthetic to the sensory nerves below the top layer of skin of the penis.This allows men to have ejaculatory control but with less loss of sexual sensation, and reduces the transference to their wives. If you routinely ejaculate less than a minute and a half after beginning vaginal intercourse, and none of the above fixes have worked, it might be time to see a sex therapist.
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