I Need The Right Man To Come and Marry Me ––Funke Akindele

Weeks have turned to months since actress Funke Akindele called it a quit with Mr. Kehinde Oloyede as their marriage crumbled. Reality has finally set in and the actress is already missing a companion around her, she would want to get settled down fast and begin the business of bringing up the little ones, her own kids, if only the right man comes along.

Funke has urged any man who is interested in her not to be afraid to come for her. She said:
“To all the guys scared of approaching me for marriage, I say, you don’t have to let inferiority complex to sort of overwhelm you. If God says you are the right person for me, then nothing will stop it.”

She also bares her mind on her present fate: “Man proposes and God disposes. So people should keep their fingers crossed and pray for me to meet the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh and not somebody else. It is one of my dreams to bear children soon and I believe it will come to pass soon. Once I start my home, I hope to cut down on acting so that I can give my family more attention.”

She told Entertainment Express that her mates are already mothers and she want to join the train. “Perhaps, this is how God wants me to be for now. When the time comes, and that time could be anytime, I hope to put acting on hold for a family,” she added.

Guys, please stop slacking, if you want this babe just go for her…lolz!

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2 thoughts on “I Need The Right Man To Come and Marry Me ––Funke Akindele

  1. I lik dis girl , if u allow me 2 marry u , I am read 2 my girl, god we take me 2 control -f I marry dat girl, gbafun mi kajo fera wa , ko wose olorun ninu aye e

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