Many Pastors Are Now Status-Driven, No More Kingdom-Driven

It almost seem to me like God has since left the ‘church’, and He is just watching us do our thing. Churches are now handled and managed like circular industries. The place of the Holy Spirit has since been abandoned.

It is now competition galore. Every person is solely interested in building an empire for himself. Many of our pastors desperately want their members to honour them more than they honour Christ. Many church folks don’t even know Jesus Christ. ‘Pastor’ has become ‘Jesus’.

It bleeds my heart this is what the church has become… It pains me even more that Heaven is sincerely no more the focus… Many who even preach about Heaven act like they don’t believe it even exists.

Many worship ‘Pastors’, they rarely care about Jesus. ‘Pastors’ are now status-driven, no more Kingdom-driven!
Focus has changed in ministry. It is no more about His Kingdom. It now about whose church is the biggest. Who can ‘preach’ better… Who can ‘prophesy’ better… Who has more ‘miracles’ in his ministry… Who has the latest cars and longest escort… Who has bigger investments… Whose name is more in the media…Supposed Ministers of the Gospel are now striving to be celebrities… Ministers even wear “blings”…

Is this the same Christianity we were told about as teenagers, or is there a new ‘Jesus’ we should start serving? Is this the same Christianity the Apostles practised that made people see them and called them “Christians” in Antioch?

It seems so much like God has since left the ‘church’, and will only return to pick the very few who have chosen to face the Gospel as it is.

Today, church folks no longer have personal walk with Jesus Christ, they need ‘Pastors’ who will pray on their behalf and do ‘magic’ for them… Church folks and other desperate people are pushing once-upon-a-time genuine pastors to become false prophets and fake ministers of the gospel of Christ… We now have all kind of ‘magic centers’, and it takes the special grace of God to know who is really fake and who is genuine…

Let’s remember this: The return of the Lord Jesus is sure. He is coming for the righteous, not the religious. He is coming for those that know Him, not just those that are close to ‘powerful pastors’… He is coming for those who are upright, not just workers in church…

Friends, let’s prepare for His return and His reward, everyday of our life!

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