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Barbershop: Singer Kelly Hansome Opens Beauty Salon And Spa In Port Harcourt

Is this Kelly Hansome simply expanding his business or has he realized that the music industry isn’t paying him as well as it use to.

M.I best friend; sorry, that was inappropriate. Singer Kelly Hansome has opened a beauty salon and spa in Port Harcourt called ‘Whatsup Salon’.

The services include: nail & eyelash fixing, hair braiding & fixing, make up application, sales of all types of hair, sale of general female accessories etc.

The place is clean though, i’ll tell M.I about it, maybe he’ll drop by and get a touch-up!!!

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Mermaid Seen Inside Cartoon Of Fish In Nigeria?

Mr Akindele House, Isale Asaka in the Foko area of Ibadan, an erstwhile sleepy and serene community in the capital city of Oyo State, came alive on Tuesday and it became a Mecca of sort, when the news of a miniature mermaid (omo Yemoja) filtered through the city.

It took a while before the Nigerian Tribune crew got access to the house, a storey building, when it finally did, the head of the family, Alhaji Raufu A. Salau, said he was sleeping upstairs when he heard a lot of unusual noise which forced him to come downstairs. According to him:

“Ramota, his granddaughter, sells fried and roasted fish in the house and, as usual, purchased a carton of frozen fish that morning. She was in the process of cleaning the fish and separating those to be roasted from the ones to be fried when she was said to have screamed out loud and called on neighbours to come to her aid.”

Salau, a retired civil servant, said he heard people asking after him but rather than come upstairs to see him, the lady ran to meet her Shehu, an Islamic cleric, who followed her home and offered some prayers in the Islamic way before the neighbours, who had begun to converge on the scene, could take the pictures of the strange “fish.” The first person who took the picture of the strange fish was said to have had his phone shattered mysteriously.

Alhaja Alirat, a member of the community, told the Nigerian Tribune that she did not see the mermaid but the lady who claimed to have seen it, but declined to speak with the press, told her that the mermaid, though very small in size initially, grew bigger and was fish from waist downward and human being from waist upwards, with mouth, nose, eyes and long hair, which it was swinging to cover its eyes when the mammoth crowd thronged to the scene to look at it.

She also said it was alleged that the mermaid spoke, begging Ramota, the fish seller, not to expose it but that Ramota shouted out of fear.

Meanwhile, one Miss Osungbemi, an Osun worshipper, claimed that the mermaid was on a mission to uplift Ramota financially.

Rather than shout, she said Ramota ought to have looked for a big basin filled with water and throw the mermaid inside, adding that she should have then called on Osun worshippers who would call the mermaid by its cognomen and tutor the lady on how to appease it.

She said Ramota would have become a consultant, diagnosing and treating people with aid of the mermaid, who would be telling her what to do, even as she claimed that someone in the house where the mermaid was found must have worshipped Osun at a point in his or her life.

Members of the crowd, who did not give their names, confirmed that Ramota’s mother that had worshipped Osun before and that before the occurrence, she had received messages to visit the Osun Osogbo grove to worship Osun, but that she had been complaining that there was no time.
It was overheard that the mermaid had been taken to the house of the Aare Musulumi of Yorubaland, Alhaji AbdulAzeez Arisekola-Alao, in Ibadan.

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See What This Man Is Doing With Another Man’s Wife [Photo]

He is trying to get a quick one under a hot sun with one of his student’s mother at a condemned recreational park, not knowing that the woman’s young son trailed them to their “hot spot” secretly…

A source say the teacher was giving the beating of his life by the son and his friends, as the shameless woman escaped, leaving her panties on the bamboo bench. What a shame!

Married men/women, why leave what you have at home to go “enjoy” another thing outside?

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Singer Tiwa Savage Says She Has Ported To MTN

Tiwa Savage MTN deal 1

We are sure in the era of money rain for our entertainers as those who a making strides in their musical genre are now smiling to the bank with mouth-watering deals from telecoms companies in the country.

The latest amongst the celeb to become a brand Ambassador is our very own kele kele love crooner, Tiwa Savage. See her confirmation tweet

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Charles Novia reacts: BBA: South African “Angelo” Has Fingered and Sub-Rape Nigeria “Beverly Osu”

naija cintriversia rapper's fiancee posted pics
Below is Charles Novia’s perspective on the “fingering” and “forkering” of Beverly Osu, Nigeria’s rep to the Big Brother Africa show, by her fellow housemate as captured on tape:

I mentioned earlier on my facebook page that I don’t follow Big Brother Africa and that is by choice. A choice I believe lots of people have on their decoders by ignoring or disabling the channel off their bouquet. I align myself with Professor Wole Soyinka’s statement made a few years back that BBA is pervasive and debasing.

Reading snippets of this year’s edition on some online platforms, I think the Good Prof’s statement has largely been vindicated. Uninhibited sexual frolicks on open camera, accusations of STDs being passed around, shameless smooching by hormonal charged housemates and ear-tingling swear words are the pre-dominant values being shown to the continent from that neo-Gommorhic contraption of a creation.

Of course, I’m told the content producers cleverly hide my above description with so-called tasks which lamely try to project positive African cultures and traditions; which is ironical because such modern franchises like BBA are neo-imperialist means of eroding the very essence of Africanism as the world moves to an incomprehensible digital age.

There are various countries represented in the BBA house from many African countries. The Producers of the show cleverly put up a caveat that the contestants represent themselves and not their countries, which I find nebulous and amusing. But I understand why they are playing safe. The reality is that BBA is a competition and every person in that house represents (intentionally or otherwise) the culture and morals of their respective countries.

So when one housemate screams blue murder that he was infected by another with an sexually transmitted disease ( I’m told its a Nando accusing a Selly) its not just a personal accusation. Its Nando’s country (Tanzania) accusing Ghana of giving them Chlamydia. That’s just the plain reality.

And while some of us are sniggering about that, the latest furore generated by Nigeria’s representative in the house, Beverly Osu, over her unlimited libido is as shameful to many as it is interesting to others. Almost all major Nigerian online sites and newspapers have been awash with opinions and comments for the past couple of days about how Beverly got herself in a ferocious foreplay which was caught on camera. In accompanying pictures, Beverly is seen with her South African romantic interest, Angelo, in a hot-blooded sexual position with mouth agape in ecstasy as he does something to her with his finger.

In fact, I don’t even know which is more shocking, the act itself or the crass reportage given to it by the bloggers. Most of the bloggers went on a tactless headline spree by posting headlines such as ‘Beverly Osu ‘fingered’ by Angelo’ and other shocking headlines like that. What is that naa? Ehn? I guess they didn’t know how else to report it except in the tell-it-like-it-is headline.

Anyway, the arguement in Beverly’s favour is as amusing to me as it is as silly. Some say its her body and she can do what she wants with it. True. I agree. But those with such opinions could very well ask their sisters or daughters who have bodies to dance naked in the National Stadium to accentuate their arguement. Since freedom of the body has now moved from being personal to being open in a visual zoo, then those people might as well go on a naked display.

Another school of thought canvassed by former Big Brother winner, Uti Nwachukwu, says its not easy for a sexually active person to ‘hold bodi’ for 3 months in the house. Is that an excuse? In fact, from the Biblical perspective, I liken the sexual adventures in the BBA house to the sacrilegeous Absalomic act in the Bible, wherein Absalom openly slept with his Father’s concubines for all to see on his royal patio. Only, in the BBA, there are no kings or usurpers. Only people who profess to be followers of faiths they don’t know jack about.

Coming back to my hypothesis, it is not Angelo who used the finger on Beverly. Its actually South Africa which has fingered and sub-raped Nigeria. Since both housemates are representatives of their countries, Angelo’s act should be seen for its symbolism rather than its entertainment value. SA is the biggest economy in Africa, according to financial analysts. Nigeria is the fastest growing economy in Africa. There’s been a struggle for continental domination by both countries over the years. To underscore their importance in Africa, South African companies have been investing heavily in Nigeria; finding huge profits in the porous economy of Nigeria. Nigerians welcome all these investments with open arms. Just as Beverly opened her arms and *cough, cough* for Angelo.

So, when Angelo carried out his act, he might have been telling us Nigerians who cared to watch, ‘F**k you, all! You Nigerians ain’t shit’. And that is how I see it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not xenophobic in anyway. I’m being very realistic. Beverly represents a whoring Nigeria which seem to get nothing right but just allows itself to be screwed both by internal and external interests. Its as simple as that.

But all this grammar and analogy I’m giving here will not change something. When this same Beverly comes back from the BBA house, she would have turned into the next big celebrity with possible companies falling over themselves to sign her for endorsements. Its just what pointing fingers can do to one.

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Omotola Ekeinde: “My Hubby Gets Jealous When A Cute Guy Kisses Me”


If you are a man, you should know how jealous you get just by the single sight of your lady talking to another man.

Well, picture yourself being the husband of famous hot, sexy and pretty Nollywood actress Omotola Ekeinde Jalade.

Imagine the sight of your wife being cuddled and kissed on live TV shows………hmm, it really takes a strong heart to bare all of that.

Famous Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, is married to a pilot, Capt Mathew Ekeinde.

Omotola is a mother of four and still has the body of a teenager, she is the kind of woman, men would sell their souls just to spend a little time with her.

“Does your husband get jealous when you kiss a guy in a movie?” a fan asked the actress on Twitter and her response was, “Yes, if the guy is cute.”

Of course he would be jealous, even if the fellow actor was crippled, blind and dumb; i’d still be jealous oooh!!!

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OJB shows an heart-warming appreciation to all…

OJB and AmaechiAmaechi Saves OJB 2

The following were the words of OJB to show an heart-warming appreciation to the Governor and all concerned citizen who extended some helping hands in regards to raising the N15 million naira kidney treatments funds.See his short message to Governor Amaechi and other Nigerians below:

“I really thank God for Governor Amechi’s kind heart. All I can say is that God will fight his battles as he saved my life.

“I also thank all Nigerians from all works of life who heeded my appeal for funds to go for my kidney transplant. God bless everyone.”

I say thank you to Governor Amaechi for his kind gesture!

We at hotgist4u wish our own dearest OJB a quick recuperation and may the God good Lord heal you,amen.

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The Mystery of the insufficient milk secretion in Ladies exposed..

Why do so many ladies have difficulty making enough milk to breastfeed when they give birth? A new study by scientists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre and the University of California Davis adds to their previous research implicating insulin’s role in lactation success.

Breast issue
The study is the first to describe how ladies boobs becomes highly sensitive to:
Insulin during lactation. It is also the first study to get an accurate picture of how specific genes are switched on in the human mammary gland during lactation.

The researchers used next generation sequencing technology, RNA sequencing, to reveal “in exquisite detail” the blueprint for making milk in the human mammary gland, according to Laurie Nommsen-Rivers, PhD, RD, IBCLC, a scientist at Cincinnati Children’s and corresponding author of the study, published online in PLOS ONE, a journal of the Public Library of Science.

Nommsen-Rivers’ previous research had shown that for mothers with markers of sub-optimal glucose metabolism, such as being overweight, being at an advanced maternal age, or having a large birth-weight baby, it takes longer for their milk to come in, suggesting a role for insulin in the mammary gland. The new research shows how the mammary gland becomes sensitive to insulin during lactation.

For a long time, insulin was not thought to play a direct role in regulating the milk-making cells of the human breast, because insulin is not needed for these cells to take in sugars, such as glucose. Scientists now, however, appreciate that insulin does more than facilitate uptake of sugars.

“This new study shows a dramatic switching-on of the insulin receptor and its downstream signals during the breast’s transition to a bio factory that manufactures massive amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for nourishing the newborn baby,” says Dr. Nommsen-Rivers.

“Considering that 20 per cent of women between 20 and 44 years old are pre-diabetic, it’s conceivable that up to 20 per cent of new mothers in the United States are at risk for low milk supply due to insulin dysregulation.”

Dr. Nommsen-Rivers and her colleagues were able to use a non-invasive method to capture mammary gland RNA — a chain of molecules that are blueprints for making specified proteins — in samples of human breast milk. They then created the first publicly accessible library of genes expressed in the mammary gland based on RNA-sequencing technology.

This approach revealed a highly sensitive portrait of the genes being expressed in human milk-making cells. They discovered an orchestrated switching on and off of various genes as the mammary gland transitions from secreting small amounts of immunity-boosting colostrum in the first days after giving birth to the copious production of milk in mature lactation.

In particular, the PTPRF gene, which is known to suppress intracellular signals that are usually triggered by insulin binding to its receptor on the cell surface, may serve as a biomarker linking insulin resistance with insufficient milk supply. These results lay the foundation for future research focused on the physiological contributors to mothers’ milk supply difficulties.

Now that they’ve demonstrated the significance of insulin signalling in the human mammary gland, they are planning a phase I/II clinical trial with a drug used to control blood sugar in type 2 diabetes to determine whether it improves insulin action in the mammary gland, thus improving milk supply. While a drug is not an ideal way to solve the problem of sub-optimal glucose metabolism impairing breastfeeding, according to Dr. Nommsen-Rivers, it is excellent for establishing proof-of-concept through the use of a placebo controlled randomized clinical trial.

“The ideal approach is a preventive one,” she says. “Modifications in diet and exercise are more powerful than any drug. After this clinical trial, we hope to study those interventions.”

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A true confession from a nympho…

Seyi who sleeps with 370 men
Approaching a man at a bar, Seyi Kolade had only one thing on her mind as she chatted with the stranger – sex. Within hours the pair were in bed together and she was delighted at how her evening had panned out.

“The only cure for my loneliness was sex. I had five guys I could meet with for sex when I wanted and was also sleeping with strangers. I’d go to bars and easily pick one up. Being good in bed made me feel worthy.”

Seyi’s revelations are quite troubling. See her story below…

And this was not a chance encounter, for Seyi was a sex addict and it was what she did almost every day for 13 years. When asked why Seyi said: “Sex addiction took hold of my life.”

Seyi, 35, was just 17 when she became dependent on sleeping with men. By 19 she’d had 40 partners and she says she has bedded a shocking total of 370 men.

Her dangerous addiction led her to a life of destruction – catching sexually transmitted infections, being evicted from her home and having two terminations.

By the age of 30, Seyi had hit rock bottom and needed help. Today, after attending numerous sex addiction meetings and 12-step programmes, Seyi has been celibate for four years and is helping others like her.

She explains says: “Sex addiction is something people associate with men, but it took hold of my life for more than 13 years. It was a craving and a fear of how I’d feel if I couldn’t get it.

“Once I did, it was a huge relief, like a weight was lifted. It’s like any addiction. It made me selfish, self-destructive and depressed but it was a cycle I couldn’t escape.”

She adds: “I lost my virginity when I was 13 with my first boyfriend. I was shocked when I fell pregnant. I gave birth when I was 14. It was a very difficult time.”

Social services arranged a nanny to look after her daughter, Sarah, from six weeks old. Being a young mum scarred Seyi’s childhood. She says: “I moved out of home when I was 16 with Sarah and lived in a mother and baby unit. I felt terribly lonely. I craved affection, I was miserable.”

Moving into a housing association home at 17, Seyi met then-boyfriend Paul, 31. It was now that she began to use sex to replace her feelings of loneliness. She says: “When I started having sex with my boyfriend I thought it was the answer and would stop me feeling so lonely. But it wasn’t enough.”

Going to bars, Seyi, from Birmingham, cheated on Paul at least once a week with strangers or men she would meet regularly.

She says: “I needed sex and afterwards it was a relief. When I couldn’t have sex my confidence would plummet, I felt ugly and went into a spiral of upset and frustration, feeling unworthy and needing another fix as soon as possible.”

Seyi fell pregnant at 17 with son, Andrew. She says: “I told Paul it was his although there was some doubt in my mind. After I gave birth I tried to stay faithful. I wanted sex with him four to five times a day, but the attention from him wasn’t enough.

“When the pent-up sexual frustration became too much, I’d go elsewhere and get validation through sex.
“I cheated on him three times in six months, then fell pregnant again.”

Devastated and unable to look after another child, Seyi made the decision to have her baby terminated. She says: “It wasn’t fair on the child to have them. I didn’t know whose baby it was so I didn’t tell Paul. I wanted our relationship to work but we split up when I was 19.”

By 22 Seyi had caught chlamydia twice. Going out almost every night while her children were looked after by friends and family, all she could think about was sex.

She says: “Between the ages of 22 to 30, life was a blur, my addiction had taken over. “I was sleeping with five to six men, or meeting strangers for sex at bars weekly. I fell pregnant again at 26. I felt I had no choice but to have a termination. I got drunk and had sex After the procedure.

“I don’t know how I managed to keep my job as a management consultant. I took lots of sick days when I craved sex and couldn’t face the office. I even slept with a colleague.

“I was evicted for not paying rent when I was 29 and had to send my children to live with my family.”

While staying with a friend Seyi saw the documentary The Secret, about the laws of attraction. She says: “I knew I had a problem but never stopped to think about being a sex addict. I realised I needed help.”

After quitting her job to concentrate on her recovery Seyi, then 31, went to an addiction meeting. She says: “There were six others there and when I listened to their stories it cured my nerves. I didn’t stop craving sex straight away but cut down slowly.” Since August 2009 she has been celibate.

She says: “I’m so proud of myself. I’ve craved sex but the programme lets me know the trigger signs. “I don’t plan on having sex any time soon. If the right guy comes along and I feel I’m in a stable, loving relationship, I’d feel safe to do it. I have my children back living with me and feel I’m no longer a sex addict.

“I’d hate to think where my life would be now if I hadn’t sought help.”

Despite her recovery, Seyi lives with the guilt of her addiction. She says: “I could have passed on STIs, I had two terminations and my kids didn’t have the attention they deserved.

“I’ve now trained as an inspirational speaker and happiness advocate. At workshops and seminars I can help others understand what sex addiction is, where it comes from and recovery.

“Being celibate has given me my life back. I want to help others do the same.”

Source: The Sun UK

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Yvonne Nelson Wish Her New Friend, Ice Prince, Success And He Won The Award

Yvonne and Ice Prince
Since actress Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya, the Kukere master who only wanted her waist, parted ways, one of the few male friend she has kept in close touch with is rapper, Ice Prince.

So as Ice Prince left Nigeria last week to compete with the likes of Tuface Idibia for the Best African Act at the BET Awards in Los Angeles, Yvonne Nelson urged him to go and “make me proud”. In a “love” message she posted with the above photo, the actress said:

“Good luck Panshak [that is Ice Prince’s real name]…#BET you are a WINNER….make me proud. Make Africa proud….my Hommie 4life…yeaaa he calls me Hommie. He’s cool like that.”

And, guess what, Ice Prince made her proud as he won the Best African Act.

At the end of the day, I hope this Aboki too will not just be interested in her waist like the Kukere maste

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