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D’banj Ports To Etisalat; Gets A Mouth Watering N250m Deal

Dbanj and Don Jazzy
Another indication that D’banj, the Kokomaster, is the king of Nigeria’s new generation musicians has again emerged as the Oliver Twist hit maker just hit a mouth watering deal with leading telecommunications firm, Etisalat as a “super” brand ambassador.

A source told OluFamous.Com that D’banj was paid 5 times what other Naija artistes get…
I hear a cheque of N250m was issued to him by Etisalat, a company that really wants to re-establish itself as a leader in the industry, after losing its brand face, Saka, to MTN under controversial circumstances.

The deal was struck recently and D’banj has already shot some commercials for Etisalat being prepared for release. D’banj continues to maintain his leadership role in the industry and his latest show, the DKM concert which took place in Lagos on Sunday was a huge success.

Congrats to the Kokomaster, Eja Nla!
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REVEALED! How Iyanya Used and Dumped Yvonne Nelson; Plus Her Confession

Latest revelations by top Nollywood/Ghana actress, Yvonne Nelson has shown that fast-rising singer, Iyanya is a cheap liar. Lol! Information at the disposal of OluFamous.Com also shows that Iyanya actually dated the sexy lady and was sleeping with her, yet he denied her on many occasions.
Yvonne Nelson
See Yvonne Nelson’s confession of her love affair with Iyanya below:

Sometime last year, you were quite emotional on Twitter when you supposedly broke up with a Nigerian music star. That incident has been shrouded with lots of cover-ups. Could you tell me what really happened?
I think it’s time my fans get to know the whole truth so I’m going to let it all out. I dated one person here, he’s in the industry. There were too many lies in the relationship. I found out a whole lot of things and I just felt like he took advantage of me.

Why did you go on Twitter to express your emotions?
I’m human, I’m not like a robot or anything. I just wanted the whole world to know what I was going through and I just wanted them to know that I was done with the relationship.

Did you actually break up with him on Twitter?
I didn’t break up on Twitter. I just tweeted how I was feeling that very moment.

I had an interview with Iyanya shortly after that Twitter rant and his words were “She didn’t mention my name so I don’t know anything about it. I’ve never told anyone that I was dating anybody.” Aren’t we talking about the same person here?
He would say that because he was wrong. His team is also trying to protect his fan base and I don’t blame him for denying anything. It’s him and his career, that’s OK.

How long did the two of you date and how would you describe the relationship?
We dated for 7 to 8 months. We had something and I thought it was special, like he was a wonderful guy but it was all lies. He had other girls and other things he was doing. Aside the actress that was in the picture, there were a lot more. That is how bad it is. We were in a relationship and he lied throughout and he was able to do all those things because I wasn’t living in Nigeria. But aside from the distance, I feel if you’re a genuine person and you’re loyal, you would still not do that.

Is this actress you’re talking about actually Tonto Dikeh?
I feel it’s disrespectful to start mentioning other people’s names. I am talking about Iyanya because we had a thing, I don’t want to bring in a third person. There were a lot of names that people know. There was a girl from South Africa, I’m not going to mention names but she was part of Big Brother Africa last year.

Most people only got to know that you and Iyanya were dating after you broke up. Were you deliberately being secretive about it?
I also don’t believe in putting my relationships in the faces of people. We both had our careers and were trying to protect our fan base and that’s cool. But if you go through my Instagram page, you’d see a couple of pictures of us together. I wasn’t shy about anything but he could not say he’s dating Yvonne Nelson because he had different women he was seeing so it was very hard for him to bring it out.

What did the experience teach you?
There are some things that you don’t get to learn in school; people can’t advice you, you won’t even listen. You just have to experience it to learn. I have no regrets that I went through it, it would have happened anyway. We are all human beings. We fall in love once in a while but if it doesn’t work out, that’s OK.

Have you moved on since then?
I have! It happened last year but I’ve moved on. I’ve been working hard, been producing movies. I still listen to his music, I love his album. I love the Track 1 with MI and I love, ‘I Got It’. He is a very talented guy, I always have goose bumps on my body when he sings.
Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya
Aside from the music, what else was the attraction?
You can’t really explain when you love somebody. It’s everything. It was just something that I felt and I can’t explain. It was love, I really really loved him and he knows that.

How do you feel about him now and what message would you like to pass on to him?
Iyanya is such an amazing person but I just feel he needs to be more honest and be a man of his words. It’s not good if he takes advantage of women. My Mum always says any man who takes advantage of women won’t end up well. It’s Karma, it’s going to come back to you. He should treat women fairly and he should be an honest person.

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Stella Damasus Impregnated and absconded to the states..

What happens to a woman who usually denies her husband his right to her body when he needs her most? She will eventually be kicked out by the man! A reliable source hinted us that this is the fate of actress Doris Simeon whose husband is now “enjoying” actress Stella Damasus, in and out.
Stella Damasus pregnant for Daniel
The latest gist however is that Stella is now pregnant for Doris’ husband…
Mr Daniel Ademinoka who left his wife for Stella due to “sex related issue” has been living in Gwarimpa, a popular estate in Abuja with Stella and her two children, and Daniel’s son, for sometime now.

However, the love birds dramatically traveled out of Nigeria weeks back and have remained there for very obvious reasons; Stella Damasus is said to be carrying Daniel’s baby and he doesn’t want his wife, Doris to cause any trouble for them hence the decision to “abscond”.

A source in the know disclosed to us that they are currently in the United State and, even there, Stella stays in doors most of the time to avoid running into Nigerians who know her history with her colleague’s husband, Daniel.

Well…who owns the blame here: Doris who was careless with her husband or Stella who took over?
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My Relationship With The Man Who Impregnated Me ––Singer Omawumi Speaks At Last

After months of playing hide and seek, singer Omawumi finally opened up on how she was impregnated by a man who is not in the entertainment industry at the time her career was taking shape. She admitted that she is not married to him (yet), so she can’t be flaunting her baby’s daddy as she would love to.
Below is the very interesting chat she had with Seun Apara about her love life…

I never hid my child’s paternity but I felt that since I’m not married, I don’t need to come out and say this is the father of my child. It is always ideal for someone who wants to marry you to be the one to identify himself. Another thing is that he might not want to identify himself because he is not an artiste. He might not want that part of my life. He might just love me and my child. So I like to respect people’s privacy.
I also strongly feel that it is my job as a musician to entertain you and if you feel like my personal life is your business, it doesn’t mean I feel the same way.

Initially when I got pregnant, I didn’t feel the need to come out and start telling people that this is the father of my child. I didn’t feel I owed it to anyone.

My family and my close friends know who the father of my child is because we’re in a relationship. We have a very healthy relationship and our families are intertwined. I don’t think I need to start telling people all this.

I felt so bad about the stories people are writing about my child’s paternity because normally, controversies don’t get to me and my daughter don’t have to be part of this. So when people start putting that kind of stuffs in print and my daughter stumbles upon it when she is old enough to read, it will hurt her.

Considering the kind of upbringing I had, I’m not that morally bankrupt that I will now fraternize with a married man that is like a father figure to me.

You want to reveal his identity?

I don’t feel that will be necessary. I just want to use this opportunity to tell people that I will try as much as possible to be a normal artiste and I want to encourage people to try and enjoy my music. They should know that I’m a human being and they should try to understand that I tried to be a person that people can look up to.

It’s not easy but they should just try not to be concerned about my private life.

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Feminine odour – vaginal odour,causes and tips

Most women experience feminine issues from time to time. Unfortunately the fact that the issues are common doesn’t make them any less embarrassing. Feminine odor is especially frustrating, because it can leave you feeling unclean and gross, even if that’s not the case.
Vaginal Odour 1
There are lots of causes for feminine odor. Below are the top five and their solutions…

Bacterial vaginosis
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) sounds like a big scary term, but it’s actually very common. In fact, BV is the most common cause of váginal odor, according to the Mayo Clinic.

What stress does to your body
Every vágina is filled with naturally occurring bacteria, and BV is simply an overgrowth of that bacteria. According to Mary M. Galenberg, M.D., OB-GYN for the Mayo Clinic, most women in their reproductive years will experience at least one case of BV. The cause is unknown, but unprotected s3x and frequent douching can put you at a higher risk. Other symptoms include itching, soreness and discharge.

Some cases of BV will go away on their own, but Planned Parenthood recommends that all women with BV symptoms visit their doctor for treatment to prevent rare but serious complications. Treatment for BV is usually as simple as a course of antibiotics.

Yeast infection
A yeast infection is also very common (and very uncomfortable!). They present much like BV, with the addition of a thick, white discharge. Yeast infections don’t require antibiotics and instead can be treated with one- or three-course váginal anti-fungal treatments. Your doctor may also recommend a one-time oral anti-fungal treatment.

Symptoms of a yeast infection
Treatment for yeast infections has become very simple and can even be purchased over-the-counter. Most of these treatments tend to get messy, so it’s better to use them overnight.

Galenberg recommends you visit your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms but have never been diagnosed with a yeast infection, as well as if treatment doesn’t resolve the symptoms or you get four or more infections in one year.

Séxually transmitted diseases
Some STDs can cause feminine odor, the most common being chlamydia and gonorrhea. Both diseases are common and easy to treat, but can cause serious complications if they go untreated. Unfortunately, both are also often undiagnosed because they may or may not produce symptoms. The most common symptoms of chlamydia and gonorrhea include painful urination and puss-like discharge, although an unpleasant odor is often present as well. See your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and avoid risk by abstaining or using protection during séx.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) occurs when bacteria (usually séxually transmitted) travel through the vágina into the uterus. It is often a late-stage result of an undiagnosed STD, such as chlamydia. PID usually isn’t diagnosed until you experience chronic pain or have trouble getting pregnant because it often doesn’t have symptoms. If symptoms of PID do present, they may include pelvic pain, odor, heavy discharge, fever, fatigue, painful intárcourse or painful urination.

PID can often be treated with antibiotics, though it may leave behind scar tissue that has lasting effects. According to Galenberg, lasting effects might include chronic pain, infertility or ectopic pregnancies.

Poor feminine hygiene
It’s possible that the cause for your feminine odor may be nothing more than poor hygiene. We’ve got a lot of complicated parts down there, and caring for them isn’t always easy. Make sure you’re covering all your bases to keep your lady parts fresh and clean.

First and foremost, make sure you’re washing thoroughly every day. Women have oil and sweat glands in the váginal area that, while completely natural, can cause odor if not attended to. Use mild, fragrance-free soaps, because anything else can upset that sensitive area and lead to even more troubles. Make sure you wipe from front to back after using the restroom and wear clean underwear every day, even if you don’t have time to shower.

12 Must-haves for women’s health
There are a lot of products out there that claim to help with odor and keep our parts “presentable,” but stay away from them. Dou ches, sprays, cloths and creams all claim to help women achieve some sort of super-cleanliness, but they actually cause more problems than they solve.

Douches remove some of the bacteria that work to keep your vágina healthy, and scented products have been known to cause irritation.

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Why I can never trust any man again – singer omawunmi

Omawunni Magbele’s exploits in the nation’s music industry began when she participated in the maiden edition of the Idols West Africa in 2007. Although she was adjudged the first runner-up in the competition, the feat has endeared her to the hearts of many music lovers in Nigeria. In this interview with BAYO ADEOYE, the Warri, Delta State- born singing sensation talks about her career, growing up and love life.

When exactly did you develop an interest in music?
Honestly, I have always loved to sing, write and so on. When I was in the school, I was a member of a music group. Also, I used to be in and out of the church choir while I was growing up.

At what point did you become a professional musician?
I auditioned in a reality talent show called Idols West Africa in 2007 and that was where my journey in music started.oma

While you were growing up, who were the musicians (local and foreign) you enjoyed listening to?
Ah! They were quite many. I used to listen to the music of the 60’s and 70’s and jazz, courtesy of my dad. My mum was more of a Mariam Makeba fan, though she also listened to a bit of the indigenous music, which I really couldn’t stand. My elder brothers and sisters enjoyed the music of the 90’s. So, you could say I listened to a whole lot while growing up and that is what has formed my musicom.

What informed your interest in the Idols West Africa and how has the experience impacted on your career?
I just wanted to experience it. I knew I could sing. I just wanted to try it out and I did with the encouragement from my friends and family.

I know a few guys who took part in some singing competitions in Nigeria, but not all of them are faring well in their individual career. So, what is the secret or magic behind your relative success story since you seem to have literally blown up after the Idols West Africa?
There is no magic anywhere o! I’m not an authority here either. I don’t think there’s a clear cut strategy; so, as for me, na God o! I just took advantage of most opportunities that came my way.

Your debut single, In the Music, also won the Next Rated Award in the Hip-Hop Music Awards in 2009. Could you tell me how you were able to achieve this?
As I said earlier, there is no magic anywhere. I am just doing what I know how to do. I believe God just wanted to crown my efforts and I thank Him for that.

Your album, Wonder Woman, is enjoying rave reviews at the moment. What inspired the song?
Thank you very much. I was in a fix before I could write that song. I wanted to do something that would appeal to Nigerians and Africans in general. And the first song I had written for my album was neo-soul; but in my opinion, it was not strong enough to captivate my audience. I was on the Third Mainland Bridge on my way to the studio when it occurred to me that what was more important was for me to make music. The message of the song, In the Music, came to me before the tune; hence, my dilemma was my inspiration.

As a new entrant in the industry, your style of music is strange and unique. But did you ever consider the fact that your fans may prefer Hip-hop and rap?
To me, I don’t think I have to sing to appeal to anybody. Rather, I sing what I consider to be good to me. Many young musicians sing for commercial reasons or are forced by their management or marketers. I, however, sing according to the dictate of my artistic reasoning.
So, I guess you can call my kind of music Afro-pop. I grew up listening to all kinds of music and I get my inspiration from all those genres. In Wonder Woman, I tried my hands on different genres like kwaito, reggae, highlife and techno. It seems crazy when I say it, but it actually sounds nice.

These days, some people believe that many young Nigerians want to be music stars rather than being professionals in other areas of human endeavours. What’s your take on this?
It all boils down to what your passion is. But to make a career out of your passion requires a lot of hard work. I think a lot of young Nigerians are passionate about music, just like some are passionate about medicine or engineering. But my advice for any young aspiring Nigerian is to do what makes him or her happy. It is only then that he or she can be fulfilled in life.
Unlike before, so many female singers are now slugging it out with their counterparts in the nation’s music industry. What do you think is responsible for this
The music industry is evolving and I thank God for innovative minds in the music field. I would say God has given me and some other female singers the opportunity to be parts of the change.

Your studied Law and you were working in a law firm before you embraced music. So, have you abandoned law practice for good?
Law, as a profession, is very versatile. I am glad I studied Law and I intend to go to the Law School. It is not impossible to do both. I would only have to learn how to strike a balance between the two. So, I have not abandoned it. But Law was not actually what I wanted to do in the future. I was forced into it by my uncle who is a lawyer; I actually wanted to be a teacher.

Many music fans nowadays are crazy about music that is spiced with vulgar themes. Given the peculiarity of our society, do you think this can in any way contribute to the popularity of the artistes concerned?
Well, I think it is a strategy to market music. There is nothing wrong with it as long as you know how to sell it without coming across as vulgar. I am in tune with my sexuality as well and there is a message behind every song I compose. Ultimately, the fans are the ones who decide what will work and what won’t.
Sometimes ago, it was reported that you dumped your fiancée in Port Harcourt because he didn’t support your ambition. How true is this?
That is not true. I have never done such a thing. Na lie people dey lie against me.

Are you saying that you didn’t have a boyfriend in Port Harcourt before you relocated to Lagos?
I didn’t tell you that, but the relationship broke up on mutual grounds. It wasn’t a serious relationship, even before I came to Lagos.

If you meet a man who loves you and says you should choose between him and music, what will you say?
God will never give me that type of a man. Sincerely, I will never abandon my music for any yeye love. I am praying for a man that will love me and love my career. Any man that loves me will surely love my career too. I don’t think I can give my heart out to a man like that. Men don show me pass that one o! I can never trust them again.
Last year, it was all over the place that you were in love with Dr. Frabz. But again, it is being rumoured that the relationship has hit the rock. What really happened?
Please, this is not what I would like to talk about here. My affair with Dr. Frabz is a past issue.

Who are you dating now?

As a beautiful girl, you mean no man is looking your way at the moment?
Maybe I am too busy to notice them.

Have you been approached by any foreign label??
The only foreign label I was signed on to was Sony BMG Records, courtesy of Idols West Africa. I am doing my own thing at the moment with a team of young intelligent Nigerians. We may partner with a foreign label in the nearest future.

You were part of the popular drama, Vagina Monologues. Could you share with me your experience while you were in it?
It was fun taking part in it, but it was also insightful in the sense that the play opened my eyes to the plight of women in general far beyond what I was aware of. I think it was a selection process that put me in the cast because I only got a call asking that I take part in the play. I am grateful for the opportunity.

What is one interesting thing about you that some of your fans don’t know?
Well, you shouldn’t let my fierceness fool you. I clown a lot when I am with my friends and loved ones.

Could you tell me a little about your background?
I’m the 12th out of 14 kids. I grew up in Warri, Delta state, Nigeria. I had my primary and secondary education there. My father is late, but my mum is still alive. I was brought up pretty much in a normal way.

What are your hobbies?
I read a lot and I also love playing board games.

What message do you have for your fans?
There is no short cut to success. You have to work hard and you must continuously seek knowle-dge.

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Wizkid, Starboy near death experince…(Pics)

Over the weekend a report reaches us that the talented and former EME’s artist – wizkid, now starboy almost lost his life to a a ghastly accident which occur on the Lekki road area of the Lagos Island suburb. An eyewitness bystander claimed that his 5o million-worth porsche car was badly damage.Here is an eyewitness accounts…

AT 3:30Am me and my friends were about to leave the Nokia lumai beat party at the orientals hotel . As we wait for a cab it was raining, all of a sudden we heard a loud noise behind us, we turn to check what made the noise, right in front of our eyes we see a car made 2 drifts and a tumble .. First we had the shocking/ trilling feeling we got to actually witness such a magnificent incident… As we rush down to check if their was any survival, we realize it was star boys new porsche car with the plates ‘W’ as we approach further the MAN OF STEEL (star boy) walks out, not only saving him self but along with the girls with him lol, without any scratch or injuries.. The only thing damaged was his new porsche car worth of 50m, i guess we wouldn’t be seeing wizz in his porsche for a while…

Traffic officials said starboy was the 4th person that had an auto crash at that same hour ….

Pics of battered porsch car…


we hotgist4u sympathies with our own starboy and may continueally to protect him

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A restaurant owner Strips And Runs Mad After Confessing her diabolical acts

Imagine the extent some people go all in a bid to make “too much money” and oppress others. This is one of the reason why those who have made money legitimately are not respected atimes in society as there is the temptation to lump all wealthy people as crooks, one way or the other.
Buka Restaurant Owner Runs Mad and Conffesses
The woman runs a popular restaurant where men and women troop in to eat, we gathered, not knowing that they are eating away their destinies, in this Nigeria…

She is the owner of one of the most popular local restaurant (buka) in the Eleme area of Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. I hear the woman [names withheld] confessed last weekend to using spiritual means to entice customers, as well as take their “destinies.” True life story!

According to eye witnesses, the woman, said to be from Akwa Ibom state, suddenly ran mad while at her restaurant. She started acting bizarre, tore her clothes and started confessing in the presence of customers, her workers and passersby how she used diabolical means for the growth of her business.

According to a source, she said she mixes water used to bathe corpses with her food, as well as water from her private part and menstruation blood. She said she did all these to attract customers whose “destinies” she used for the growth of her business and riches.

The news of her confession spread around town and many who have been going to her restaurant to enjoy themselves could not believe their ears that they’ve been eating food made with corpses water. Really sad! Some of her customers (including Okada men) and angry onlookers descended on her but she was rescued by Policemen who later took her away.

Eating out is cheap but with stories like this one need to be careful.

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SECRETS! How Abiola Really Died ––By His Personal Doctor

This is the first time a detailed analysis of the issues leading to the June 12, 1993, election and detention and subsequent controversial death of the late Chief M.K.O. Abiola, winner of the election, is outlined by an insider who is very close to both Abiola and late Sani Abacha to know the secret details.

Below is Dr Ore Falomo, Abiola’s personal physician’s exposé. It is a must read…
Can you recall your last meeting with M.K.O Abiola. When was it, and what was the state of his health?
It was about two weeks before he died. But the visit before the last was more remarkable. It was arranged by the military government to dispel the rumour that Abiola had died in detention. They quickly arranged a meeting for me to go and see him. They sent one captain from Aso Rock to me to tell me that I was needed urgently in Aso Rock. This was the penultimate meeting to the last meeting with him. I found the message strange because my previous meetings were arranged by the commissioner of police in Abuja, under whom Abiola was supposed to be. Whenever I visited him, I usually returned to Lagos by 6pm, but that day, it was not possible because immediately I got into the car, they started driving round Abuja to waste time so that it would be dark and I won’t recognise where they were taking me to.

When we got to the place, Abiola was there. It was a new place; I had not seen him there before. It was a bungalow. As soon as they opened the door and Abiola saw me, he came towards me and we hugged. We sat and unlike before, none of the guards waited to listen to our discussion. We spoke Yoruba all the time. They objected to it at first, later on they agreed. That day he was behaving like he was in the spirit. I told him there was a rumour that he had been killed. He said, ‘I know that I’m dead. They have dug the grave. They have put me in the grave except that they have not close me up.’ I asked, ‘What happened? Have they injured you or injected you?’ He said no, but that he just knew.

That means he had the premonition that he was going to die in detention.
Yes. As he was talking, his mood changed. He told me he had forgiven those who caused his incarceration; that it was left for them to ask for forgiveness from God. He said he forgave them because he wants God to forgive him his sins. All these were strange, because in my previous visits, he was always asking about the things that were happening in the country. Then he started singing, ‘Nearer my God to thee, nearer to thee.’ He used to sing Christian songs. After signing the song in English, he started singing it in Yoruba. Then he got up; hugged me and we began to cry. It was very emotional. I tried to calm him down, because I didn’t know what he had seen. All through this period, the guards did not come to say time was up. I told him I will tell the story to the people, which was normal after every visit.

But did you observe any sign or symptoms of illness in him?
No. He was neither sick nor injured. You could say his spirit was low, but his body was good. There were no signs and symptoms of any illness. He spoke from a very conscious mind. That was the most poignant visit. The last visit was routine; to change his toiletries and so on.

The then Commonwealth Secretary-General, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, recently told us that when he visited Abiola few days to his death, he was in high spirits, because he was happily awaiting his release. How did he overcome the depression?About two weeks to Abiola’s death, Abdulsalami Abubakar had started to send out word that Abiola might be released. So, the whole town started to rejoice. I don’t know how that one was done. They even got to me and said my trips to Abuja would soon end. I knew the government was not going to try him. Chief Rotimi Williams had already told us that they did not have any evidence against him. There was no point going to court. As far as I knew, Abiola knew that they would not allow him to come out just like that since they would not take him to court. Every time, they were asking him to denounce his mandate and prepare himself for another election, but he refused. During my last visit, I told him I had the rumour that Abubakar will release him but I did not want him to believe the rumour until there was concrete evidence.

How did you receive the news of his death?
That day, I was in the sitting room here. A call came from the personal physician of Abubakar. He said, ‘Doctor, get yourself ready and start coming to Abuja. The Head of State has sent his personal jet through Governor Buba Marwa, it would be at the VIP section of the airport.’ Of course, I was not going to enter that aircraft. But I asked him, ‘Why are you sending for me? I was given about two weeks appointment to come and see Abiola, so tell me what has happened that warrants me to come urgently.’ He didn’t want to tell me that Abiola had died, so that my reaction would not be, ‘Alright if you have killed him; eat him. I’m not the doctor for the dead, but for the living.’ That could have been my reaction, which was exactly my reaction when I finally learnt that he had died. After that, I called Kola Abiola and told him that something bad had happened but that I didn’t know the extent. The doctor also told me not to come alone; that I should bring any of my colleagues. I then thought, maybe he had not died. I told Kola and he said, ‘Doctor let’s go to the airport and take the plane to Abuja.’ I didn’t know Kola had heard. We boarded Kola’s car and he tuned to BBC news. At that time, it was about 15 minutes to 6pm. Then they announced that Abiola had died. I asked Kola, ‘Is that true?’ He wasn’t crying, I knew he had heard. I told him to turn back. And just before we got to Maryland, people had started rioting. We were lucky to escape without the car being damaged.

Did you eventually go to Abuja that day?
I refused to go. When we got back to the house, Kola asked me: ‘What is going to happen next?’ I said, ‘Nothing; I’m not going to Abuja.’ Then he said he must go. I said ‘Yes; go so that you take care of the body. One thing I want you to tell them is that they must not bury him because he is a Muslim. There must be a post-mortem.’ They were already talking to Abiola’s two wives about burying him immediately.

They arranged for them [the two wives] to come and see Abiola the day before he died. That was of course for them to say goodbye. They did all of these without my knowledge. Up till that time, I was the only one in five years, who was allowed to see Abiola.

Then I received another call. This time, the governor of Lagos, Marwa, said I should come, that the pilot and others were waiting, that he would send a car to pick me. I declined the offer and asked them to wait. I called Prof. Oye Adeniran to represent me. I told him to tell Abubakar’s physician that I want a post-mortem. When the doctor heard my request, he then called me back and said he would advise Abubakar that there must be a post-mortem. Then he said, ‘These are two deaths too many.’ He was referring to the death of Sani Abacha and that of Abiola. You remember in Abacha’s case, there was no post-mortem. How can a Head of State die so suddenly and he was hurriedly buried without a post-mortem. I told him that I would assemble a team of international pathologists to conduct the post-mortem. So, the body was embalmed and kept in the morgue waiting for the pathologists to arrive.

Some said Abiola was beaten to death, others said he was poisoned. As his doctor and member of the team that conducted the post-mortem, what were your findings?Abiola was not beaten. He died shortly after the American delegation got to Aguda House by 3pm. According to the written press conference given by Ambassador Thomas Pickering, who led the American delegation, Abiola died between 3:20 and 3:40pm that day. Nobody told Abiola that he was going to have visitors that day. So, they woke him up and he just brushed his teeth and came out to meet with them. He had not had his lunch. These were facts borne out of the autopsy. His intestine was clear. They exchanged banters, he told Susan Rice, who was part of the delegation, what she wore the first day he met her. Pickering said Abiola’s brain must be sharp to remember all that.

According to them, their mission was to convince Abiola to denounce his mandate and go for another election. By then Abacha had gone, one of their problems had been solved. Abiola was left. They had brought that suggestion before and Abiola rejected it. So, their mission was unnecessary because they were not going to get him to say yes. It must have been for another purpose. When they came in, the chief guard that usually stayed with Abiola was not there because they didn’t tell him some people would be visiting. Abiola came unaccompanied to that meeting. Of course, they had been told he was a tea drinker. They brought a special flask, which Hamza Al-Mustapha described as multi-dimensional. They poured themselves tea and poured tea for Abiola. There was no precedence of a visitor bringing tea for the host. It is unconventional. It is not done anywhere in the world. Not only did they bring it, they offered someone in detention tea, with no guard around.

And Ambassador Pickering said in his press conference that shortly after he had taken the tea, he complained of pain in the chest and grabbed his chest. And later, he felt uncomfortable and then, he went to the convenience to ease himself, but he did not come back as expected. They called on him and he told them he was coming. By then, he had started feeling weak. They asked him if they should call the doctor but he said they should ask the guard to get his pain tablet. But he died before the pain tablet arrived. By the time the doctor came, Abiola had already died. They took him to Aso Rock clinic, where they tried to jerk his heart back to life, but he was gone. That was how he died.

Are you saying that the US had a hand in Abiola’s death?
Yes. It is necessary to note that death followed Pickering’s missions. A notable personality usually dies after his mission to any country. You can go and read about him. The question was: Why did he come? We know him as Central Intelligence Agency man and he was not the serving ambassador in the country then.

Abubakar was the one who gave them the appointment. During a cocktail to celebrate the US National Day, I asked the US Ambassador why they brought Pickering and others. I told him that Abacha, who was occupying Abiola’s position had died and why did they bring another military? We should also note that after Abiola died, Abubakar went to White House to visit the sitting American President and he went in military uniform. Can you recollect anybody who entered White House in military uniform? It is not done. He was given that exception. Up till now, nobody has repeated the precedence. What did he do? How long had he been on the throne here that he was received by the American President? Abacha was gone, Abiola was gone and they thought Nigeria’s problem was solved. But here we are.

The current American President has not found it important enough to come to the same country in which the previous governments took very big roles in taking those two actors out. I think it high time US apologised to Nigeria for the roles it played in the death of Abiola. The US also insisted on sending at least two pathologists just to protect its image, because there were rumours that it was the US that killed Abiola. Tony Blair sent a message to me through the British High Commissioner here that he was nominating Dr. John Shepherd, one of the top pathologists in England, and we made him the team captain. Human rights groups from Chicago sent in a pathologist. America insisted that they wanted to be well represented. So, they sent one Muslim doctor and one Christian doctor to me. I was there; Abubakar’s doctor was there; Dr. Coker, the owner of that hospital on Victoria Island was there and the team.

You believe Abiola was poisoned, but how come this team of highly qualified doctors, including yourself conducted the post-mortem and concluded that Abiola died from natural causes?No, what they said was that there was not enough supply of blood to his heart because there was a collection of fatty materials in the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. His heart did not get blood supply; that was why he died eventually. The question is, why did that happen? How could that happen to somebody who just woke up, had not done anything and was not doing any exercise. There are people who have worse conditions than that and they are still alive. Something must have engineered the heart to behave the way it did that Abiola could not survive more than 10 minutes. We took specimen from his intestine, took his blood and sent it to toxicologists in Canada and in London.

Another question to ask was where did Pickering type his press statement? Abiola died around 3:40pm and by 4pm, Pickering read his typed-written press statement and said he must have died of heart attack. The doctor that took Abiola’s body to Aso Rock clinic had not come when Pickering addressed the press. Could something have triggered the heart attack? The answer is yes. We also know that there are drugs that can affect the rhythm of the heart. Such drugs can disturb the rhythm of the heart to an extent that the heart can stop pumping blood. If you give it to anyone to drink in tablet or liquid form, it can make the heart to stop within minutes. Does this leave traces in the blood? Yes, because medical science has perfected all that now. They just conducted the post-mortem of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian man that died about five years ago. When he died, nobody suspected, but now they believe he was poisoned and they are trying to find out what type of poison it was.

So, you believe medical science can detect the poison now?
Yes, and that is why we are calling for a more detailed investigation into the cause of Abiola’s death. Why are the human rights activists here not pushing for further investigation into Abiola’s death? Our government did not even want to say that the man won the election, until President Goodluck Jonathan came.

But did Abiola have any health condition that could have resulted to sudden death?
Tell me who had a better health than Abiola. Before he was detained, Abiola was a globetrotter. If not because he was very healthy, he wouldn’t have lasted five years in detention. He was not exercising, not seeing people and so on. They even tried to injure him once in the office of the Commissioner of Police in Abuja. A police officer that came from Aso Rock threw Abiola against a pillar and he hit his back and his spinal cord protruded. We gave Abiola a newspaper, and the policeman wanted collect it from him, but he refused. Then we looked for CT scan and there was none in Nigeria but Abacha was ready to let him go abroad for treatment. But many people feared that if he left, they would not have allowed him back into the country. This was because he had gone once and the then interim President Ernest Shonekan, did not allow him back into the country. It was the same Abacha that ensured that Abiola returned. Abacha had to change the guards at the airport, replaced them with his own guards and asked them to fly Abiola in from Cotonou. I was close to Abacha to know all these. Abiola landed and trouble started. Then there was the afternoon coup, Abacha took over from Shonekan. As far as Abacha was concerned, his reign was not to be permanent, he had to remove Shonekan to foil Ibrahim Babangida’s plan to come back. Babangida’s intention was to transform into a civilian president.

If Abacha was not interested in ruling for long, why didn’t he install Abiola when he got to Aso Rock?
When Abacha got to Aso Rock, he called Oladipo Diya and some other people to go around and feel the pulse of the people. Diya was here in my hospital, he went to Gani Fawehinmi; he went to the Oba of Lagos, Oba of Benin and the Ooni of Ife. All these people told him to tell Abacha to install Abiola. Diya went back and told Abacha to discard those views; that no military man takes power and hands it over to civilians. Remember Abacha did not get out of Aso Rock till he died. He was a soldier to the core. He didn’t know how to play politics. One of the reasons that military did not want to leave Nigeria’s political life was that Abiola told them that he will probe all of them, when he became president.

Don’t you think Abacha would have killed Abiola to pave the way for himself becoming a civilian president?
Abacha would not have killed Abiola. He never wanted Abiola dead. Abacha never wanted any of these people’s death. The death of Shehu Yar’adua, was carried out by Abacha’s chronic cohorts. They were going to do the same thing to Obasanjo. When we heard, we sent a message down to the doctor and person in-charge of the prison in Plateau, that they were coming to inject Obasanjo. At that time, they were removing people who would constitute a hindrance to the five parties that were to endorse Abacha. What would it cost Abacha to kill Diya, Olanrewaju, Adisa and others who plotted the coup? It would not take five minutes. Is it not strange the deaths recorded under Abacha were civilians and not soldiers?

Being Abiola’s confidant, one wonders how you were that close to Abacha.
I met Abacha in 1982. He was a brigadier in the Nigerian Army. He was coming back from Lebanon as the head of a peace-keeping mission. I had a friend called U.S. Yaro. He was a general in the Nigerian Army. He brought his third wife to me, I treated her, she became pregnant and she delivered a male baby which was what he was looking for. So, you can imagine the joy. He thought I was the best gynaecologist in the whole world. We became very close. This Gen. U. S. Yaro belonged to the right group in the Army. He was then made defence adviser in London and he went with his wife and baby. He told me, ‘Anytime you are in London call, you must see this baby grow.’ I went to London on holiday, I called him and he said, ‘There is somebody I want you to meet. He has just arrived from Lebanon.’ He knew that man was going to become somebody in Nigeria. I had never been a friend of the Army. I’ve been fighting them from the time I came back from England in 1970 as a doctor. We fought all of them except Muritala Mohammed, because he had settled problems between doctors and Gen. Yakubu Gowon. So, when he (Mohammed) became Head of State, he knew what doctors wanted. We were not asking for increase in salary, we wanted them to build a good health system, especially after the civil war ravaged parts of the country.

Yaro sent a car to take me to where he was hosting the Nigerian contingent led by Abacha. When I met Abacha, he promised to visit me in Nigeria the day after he arrived. Coincidentally, we flew the same plane from London to Lagos and he spoke to me about himself all thorough that journey and the next day, he showed up at my door as he promised. I was very happy to have known Abacha. He was a truthful and straightforward person. If he did something, he would never deny it. He would not tell a lie. He had a list of friends. I was his number two Christian friend. We were not up to 12 on that list. To underscore how crude but genuine he was, he was taking money directly from the treasury to Aso Rock. He didn’t how to make money through contracts and things like that. And he kept the records. I had a lot of personal experiences with him. His wife delivered their last child here; a girl. I was the first to tell him his wife was pregnant, they were not expecting it. Abiola knew I was close to Abacha; there was no hiding.

But for the role you said Diya played, do you think Abacha would have installed Abiola as President?
I believe that. Let me tell you this. The first coup against Shonekan was planned for the Saturday preceding the Wednesday that he was toppled. It was supposed to be bloodless. Why would Abacha do a coup, when he was the most senior officer in a military regime that had not handed over power? He was the defacto leader. Abacha planned that coup and the plot was leaked to Shonekan. Shonekan was to be in Abeokuta for that weekend until Monday and was to be arrested there. Some of us, including Abiola, knew about that coup. And the idea was for Abacha to take over and eventually install Abiola.

When that coup was foiled, we were sad. Abacha then planned it his own way and made it happen on Wednesday when they usually had their weekly Supreme Military Council meeting. At the meeting, Abacha just walked in with Gwadabe and Gen. Mohammed. He knew Gen. Mohammed was the one who leaked it, but he didn’t want to cause an uproar in the country. He told Shonekan to write his resignation. Shonekan asked ‘Why should I resign?’ Abacha asked him, ‘Who are you waiting for to obey my instruction? Here is the Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Mohammed; here is Col. Gwadabe, here is Col. Aminu.’ Abacha pulled out his pistol and then Shonekan’s personal assistant, Isaac, who told me the story, said he quickly wrote the resignation letter for Shonekan to sign. He wrote it; it was typed and Shonekan signed. Abacha told Shonekan that a car was waiting for him outside, he should board it to the airport and fly to Lagos. Abacha then went into the plane with Gen. Mohammed and told him that if not for their friendship, he would have blown up his head for what he did. Because of that, he removed him as the Chief of Army Staff, and put Gen. Chris Ali, who was pro-Abiola. These are the things that would tell you that he would have restored Abiola’s mandate.

But it seemed he was carried away by the proposal for him to transform to a civilian president
Well, I don’t think so. Another thing happened. When Abacha became Head of State, Rev. Chris Okotie, in a bid to solve the problem and get Abiola installed as president, wrote a proposal to Abacha, suggesting an arrangement that was common in South America, in which Abiola would be the president, then Abacha would be like a prime minister. He wrote that proposal and came to my house to discuss it with me. We agreed to travel together to Abuja; that I will go and see Abiola and he will go and see Abacha. When Abacha read the proposal, he told some people to come and pick me up from where Abiola was at that time to Aso Rock. When I got there he said, ‘Doctor I have seen the proposal from your friend.’ I didn’t know Chris (Okotie) had been there, so I said ‘My friend?’ He said ‘Yes, the reverend gentleman you came in with from Lagos.’ He just said to me, ‘Look I didn’t contest to be president or prime minister or anything like that; I don’t want all those things.’ He said the proposal was good but he was reluctant. He was not ready for it, he said, ‘How can I just make myself prime minister, it will complicate things more.’ He said his role should be to settle matters amicably.

Is it true that some Yoruba leaders betrayed Abiola?
They did so initially because they believed that Abiola would not get acceptance from the Awolowo camp. Abiola was NPN before, he then changed camp to UPN. Abiola belonged to the NPN, he gave more money to the NPN and donated a little to UPN. People advised Awolowo to return the money to Abiola querying why he gave some much to NPN. However, some Awoists thought it was wrong to have returned that money. Because we all knew how UPN was getting money then, it was from states controlled by them. It is the same thing that Action Congress of Nigeria is doing. They learnt it from the Awolowo group. I was not only Abiola’s doctor; I was his friend, confidant and in-law. When the election was near, we told Abiola to go and see Mama Awolowo and also Arthur Nzeribe, because was one politician in Igboland that had won his constituency repeatedly. He visited Nzeribe first, and Nzeribe was very happy and pledged to work very hard for him. When he landed in Lagos, we drove straight to Mama, and we arrived there just before dinner. He prostrated and said he would not get up until Mama said she forgiven him from the bottom of her heart. Mama forgave him. If you remember, Abiola won Ogun State 97 per cent. Nobody has ever done that, not even Awolowo. He confounded those Yoruba Obas. Those people went to Babangida, who likes to divide and rule, to put obstacles in Abiola’s way. When I was arguing with one of those people, he said Babangida told him how much the Federal Government owed Abiola, and said what else did Abiola want?

How did the Federal Government owe Abiola?
It’s simple. Abiola was the one who paid for the kit, clothing, food of the Nigerian soldiers sent to Liberia. Babangida was telling him, buy this, buy that for us, we will pay you back. Babangida was trying to make Abiola so weak that when the election came he would have no money left. But Abiola was doing it for a friend because he knew Babangida would claim glory for a successful outing in Liberia.

Abdulsalami Abubakar went to Abiola’s house and promised them that he would ensure that the Federal Government paid what it owed Abiola. Go and find out if he or successive administrations fulfilled that promise till today. Abacha, of all people, paid part of the debt, before Abiola declared himself President. Some of those people that betrayed Abiola are still alive. Let me just tell that Oba of Lagos, who has since died; Oba of Ijebu Ode, who is still alive; Alake of Abeokuta, who has since died; Oba of Benin, who is still there; and Soun of Ogbomoso, were pro-Abiola. Most of the other people were against him. They took sides with Babangida because they wanted contracts.

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Don Jazzy Returns To Church

Don Jazzy spirit encounter 1
Don Jazzy has not been going to church for sometime now, just like many others in the entertainment industry but something strange happened to him recently when his spirit starts disturbing him about the fact that he has not been going to church and some people even send him message about the issue.

See the tweets about Don Jazzy’s encounter below…
Don Jazzy spirit encounter 2

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