UPDATE: P’Square’s Paul Okoye & Elshama Sex Escapades

I told you guys that I was going to keep a tab on this tale of baby mama saga so I’m keeping to that promise with this follow up details of how the sex escapades went down between Paul Okoye, his first girlfriend, Elshama and his second girlfriend, Anita.
Paul Okoye and Alshama and Friends
The gist is that Paul Okoye started sleeping with Elshama before he met Anita who is now in his house. He was dating both girls secretly and ended up impregnated them the same week…

It was gathered that both ladies were already pregnant for Paul Okoye before their mother’s burial in August 2012. And as you can see in the photo above, Elshama was at their mother’s burial with Paul Okoye and her friends. Anyway, I hope this guy is no longer saying he doesn’t know Elshama?

Findings by Olufamous.com indicates that there is going to be a serious fight in P’Sqaure house in future as it is now obvious that Paul Okoye do not actually love Elshama but was just sleeping with her whenever his regular girlfriend, Anita, deny him sex and this is why he’s denying her now.

But unfortunately for Paul Okoye, Elshama’s child is about four days older than the baby of his preferred babe, Anita. So, in the long run, it would be difficult for him to ignore his first child and attend to his second child. Afterall he was not married to any of the ladies as at the time they gave birth for him.

A source close to both Elshama and Paul Okoye disclosed that the blame is not entirely that of Paul Okoye. The source, a lady, revealed that it is Anita, the second baby mama, that is confusing him and forcing him to deny Elshama and her baby because her baby is the junior. “Maybe she is even using something on him,” the source said.

Also, it was further gathered that Elshama, who is a former beauty queen, is a third year student of the University of Jos but had to stop schooling after she was impregnated by Paul Okoye.

Her parents have named the child as Mishel Paul Okoye, insisting that he can’t deny their daughter.

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One thought on “UPDATE: P’Square’s Paul Okoye & Elshama Sex Escapades

  1. see me see danger, wahala dey….is this a setup or?

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