Michael Jackson’s Autopsy Reveals Pink Tattooed Lips, Dark Tattood Eyebrows and Head

The wrongful death lawsuit which will decide whether promoter AEG Live shares blame with Dr. Conrad Murray in Michael Jackson’s Michael Jacksondeath has revealed the permanent changes Michael Jackson made to his body.

Jurors were shown a picture of a deceased Jackson lying on a coroner’s table as the doctor who performed the autopsy described Jackson’s body and cause of death.

Most of the testimony was a rehashing of medical testimony provided during the Murray trial, but there were a few new revelations.

Dr. Christopher Rogers wrote in his autopsy report that Jackson’s lips were tattooed pink, while his eyebrows were a dark tattoo.The front of Jackson’s head was also tattooed black, apparently to match his hairline with the color of the wig he wore.

In addition, the autopsy confirms that Jackson had the skin lightening disease known as vitiligo, causing some areas of his skin to become darker than others.

Michael Jackson’s heirs are suing AEG, the backers of the “This is It” tour, claiming that the company was negligent in hiring Murray to care for Jackson.

AEG Live maintains that Jackson sought out Dr. Murray and that the company had no way of knowing that Jackson was receiving the the surgical anesthetic propofol from Murray.

The Los Angeles coroner’s office noted that 31 deaths in the last 14 years have been linked to propofol, including six which were doctor assisted suicides.

Michael Jackson’s body showed no needle marks or other indication that he was addicted to street drugs.

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