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Photos: Wizkid’s son, Boluwatife Balogun, Turns 2

wizkid lindaikejiblogwizkid's son lindaikejiblog
That Wizkid has a son is no longer news. What’s news now is that the lil man turned two a few days back and Wizkid surprised him with a lot of birthday presents. Heard that despite the fact that Wizkid is not with his baby’s mum, he’s a great dad to Boluwatife. He even has his name tattooed on his left hand. (See photo above). See Boluwatife playing with his presents after the cut…
wizkid son

Boluwatife with the presents daddy bought for him…
wizkid's son lindaikejiblog2

Boluwatife when he was much younger with his mum, Shola..

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Uti Nwachukwu Wants Millions Of Naira To Shave His Hair

Uti on his hairIs a Nollywood producer offering Uti Nwachukwu a movie role that would make him shave his dreads? The guy seems to want you all to know how much his hair is worth before it’s too late. Afterall some ladies had claimed they were paid millions to shave their hair for movie roles.

Below is Uti’s message on the issue:

“I am not just gonna take off my dreads for the regular pay check. The only reason I’ll take off my dreadlocks is if I’m paid, and I’m talking about millions because it took me three years and a lot of discipline, dedication, money to make my hair look this different and unique.”

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See The Reasons Why Lovers Must Have Sex Before Marriage

See The Reasons Why Lovers Must Have Sex Before Marriage.

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Actor Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari Finally Confirm Their Love Affair [Plus Tweets]

Jim Iyke and Nadia Buahri 1

Ghanian actress Nadia Buari and Nollywood bad boy Jim Iyke have confirmed that they are dating. The two took to twitter to profess their love. Nollywood A-list actor and Reality Show star, Jim Iyke is madly in love with beautiful Ghanaian top actress, Nadia Buari and he doesn’t fail to show it whenever the opportunity presented itself.

The two love birds have finally let the cat out of the bag and they want you all to know about them and wish them well in their serious relationship. See what they say below:
Jim Iyke and Nadia Buahri 2Jim Iyke and Nadia Buahri 3
we at hotgist4u felicitate with you.

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Be prepared: 4 skills you MUST acquire before getting married

Every time you share a smile, laugh at your partner’s jokes, agree with a comment your partner said, express appreciation, thank your partner for something, or express affection, you are offering “dollops” of positivity. The more dollops you give, the happier you both will be.
Before you got a driver’s license, you learned to drive. Before marriage, learn these 4 skills.

Before someone gets a driver’s license, they take a drivers ed course, practice with the help of an experienced driver, and closely study the rulebook. These are all valuable things to do, because driving without the necessary skills would make someone a menace on the roads, and a danger to themself and others.

The same thought process applies to marriage, as well. Before getting a marriage license, people must learn how to do the high-skills activity that partnership requires. Otherwise, couples are at risk for intense fighting, and launching a marriage that’s at risk from the outset.

Multiple research projects have clearly established that couples who learn marriage skills have the highest odds of enjoying a long-lasting and gratifying partnership. If you are spending time and energy on a wedding, it makes sense to ensure that the marriage that follows will be a successful one.

What are the main skill areas you need? In PowerOf we teach these four skill areas:

1. Emotional self-regulation. Young children often get mad, cry, or even hit their siblings. Adults, on the other hand, mostly live their lives in the calm zone. The good news is that adults who get overly emotional, (especially with anger), can learn how to overcome their anger tendencies. If you find that you raise your voice and get mad more than once every several months, or get so mad that you say and do hurtful things, you’ve got some important learning to do.

2. Communication. Talking tactfully, especially when the issue is something that distresses you, and listening in a way that sustains cooperation, are essential to any marriage. Talking in a way that’s complaining, critical, or otherwise hurtful will get you in serious marriage trouble. Dismissing what your partner says, negating what you hear with “but”, or ignoring instead of digesting what you hear, is sure to cause extreme marital woes.

3. Conflict resolution. All couples have differences.Successful couples know how to start with a “his-way” and a “her-way” and end up with an “our-way” that they both feel good about. That’s true whether the issue is a simple one, like what movie to to see on Saturday night, or big issues like where to live, how to handle money, and how to keep your sex life passionate.

4. Positivity. Every time you share a smile, laugh at your partner’s jokes, agree with a comment your partner said, express appreciation, thank your partner for something, or express affection, you are offering “dollops” of positivity. The more dollops you give, the happier you both will be.

The moral of the story? Be prepared. Remember that a wedding is for one day. Marriage, hopefully, is forever. So, take advantage of the secret to living ‘happily ever after.’ Whether it’s before you’ve exchanged rings, or even many years after, ensure your success as a couple. Put at least as much skill-learning time into your marriage as you put into the wedding planning!

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UPDATE: P’Square’s Paul Okoye & Elshama Sex Escapades

I told you guys that I was going to keep a tab on this tale of baby mama saga so I’m keeping to that promise with this follow up details of how the sex escapades went down between Paul Okoye, his first girlfriend, Elshama and his second girlfriend, Anita.
Paul Okoye and Alshama and Friends
The gist is that Paul Okoye started sleeping with Elshama before he met Anita who is now in his house. He was dating both girls secretly and ended up impregnated them the same week…

It was gathered that both ladies were already pregnant for Paul Okoye before their mother’s burial in August 2012. And as you can see in the photo above, Elshama was at their mother’s burial with Paul Okoye and her friends. Anyway, I hope this guy is no longer saying he doesn’t know Elshama?

Findings by indicates that there is going to be a serious fight in P’Sqaure house in future as it is now obvious that Paul Okoye do not actually love Elshama but was just sleeping with her whenever his regular girlfriend, Anita, deny him sex and this is why he’s denying her now.

But unfortunately for Paul Okoye, Elshama’s child is about four days older than the baby of his preferred babe, Anita. So, in the long run, it would be difficult for him to ignore his first child and attend to his second child. Afterall he was not married to any of the ladies as at the time they gave birth for him.

A source close to both Elshama and Paul Okoye disclosed that the blame is not entirely that of Paul Okoye. The source, a lady, revealed that it is Anita, the second baby mama, that is confusing him and forcing him to deny Elshama and her baby because her baby is the junior. “Maybe she is even using something on him,” the source said.

Also, it was further gathered that Elshama, who is a former beauty queen, is a third year student of the University of Jos but had to stop schooling after she was impregnated by Paul Okoye.

Her parents have named the child as Mishel Paul Okoye, insisting that he can’t deny their daughter.

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They Want To Run Me Down ––Don Jazzy Cries Out, Shuts Down His Night Club

This is a good lesson on how not to venture into a business you know next to nothing about:
DON JAZZY pop club closed
Since Don Jazzy put his money into night club business things have not been the same for him. In fact it has really affected him even in his popular trade, music production, that he hardly produces a great beat these days. We @ gathered that he has finally shut down his PoP night club…

His decision to invest in a nightclub business made him approach former Super Eagles captain, Jayjay Okocha for a lease of his building housing the old Club 10 in Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Six months after top music producer and entrepreneur, Don Jazzy, opened his hangout, Club PoP, the club has now been shut down.

It was learnt that during the review of the last six months operation of the club, the music producer discovered that the huge bills owed by some of his friends are too outrageous and the debts were really affecting his investment. He was said to have been really angry, but didn’t want to embarrass any of the debtors. Thus opted to stop operation of the club, and continue with the restaurant on the ground floor of the hangout.

His reason is that people were trying to wreck him, rather than support the business to grow. Most of those who frequent Don Jazzy’s club take expensive drinks without paying while others, especially ladies, simply go to the club to take pictures with Don Jazzy with a view to show same to their boyfriends.

A source close to Don Jazzy revealed that he has decided to stop operation at the discotheque section of the watering hole due to huge funds he has sunk into it and the abysmal low return-on-investement.
“The club is becoming a drainpipe with some VIP patrons not behaving responsibly by abusing the credit facilities afforded them by the club management,” said the source.

Don Jazzy has so far sunk over N50 million into Club PoP. Apart from the money he is making as a music entrepreneur, Don Jazzy recently made some extra bucks signing endorsement deals with big brands like Samsung and Loya Milk.
A report from an insider said, “he is angry with so many people whose names are on the list of debtors in his club but have decided to shut the place down in order not to pick a fight with anyone”.

Heeeeeey yaaaa! Don Baba J no let them run you down…anyway very thoughtful of u..

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Photo: Tuface’s Wife, Annie Idibia, Goes Topless

Annie Idibie Goes Topless
Atimes one often wonders at the rate infidelity spreads in our naija homes lately like a viral diseases may be because of the extent at which our naija women lives or their lifestyles on the whole.When single ladies take suggestive photos people do complain. So I wonder what is motivating Annie Idibia into this act. I had thought she should know better, being a wife and mother. Should a married woman take bathroom pictures and share them on the internet when keeping are home should be paramount?

Guys, what is your take on this?

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See Confirmation That D’banj Has Signed Rapper Olamide

When the exclusive report came some weeks back that the Kokomaster, D’banj has signed Nigeria’s best rapper, Olamide to his record label, DB Records, I got calls from people who want to know my source as they had thought Olamide was not ready to work for any record label and they had to make reference to varous tracks of his songs where he stated related instances in his lyrics…but all is changed now
Dbanj and Olamide  confirmed 1
Well, from a reliable source and a trusted insider.This all going speculations has now been verify and as at this report we are told The YBNL initiator his enjoying his new status in US performing alongside Kokomaster. See a confirmation from D’banj’s brother tweets below…
Dbanj and Olamide  confirmed 2

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Pastor Adeoye Cancels His Wedding To Tuface Baby Mama?

When some girls are young they engage in dirty acts not knowing that these acts have a way of coming back to hunt them in future. I wonder what Sunmbo Ajaba was thinking before she allowed 2face impregnate her two times when the guy has not married her as his wife. Crazy risk!
Sunmbo and Pastor Adeoye Married cancelled
At last that risk is now coming to hunt her present. The young and dynamic Pastor Adeoye who wanted to forget about her past life and get married to her is facing serious challenges…

His people are not happy with his choice of Sunmbo, church members are against the move and some of his church members have reportedly left his church because he wanted to marry a lady that has been “over used” by a guy who was sleeping with ladies like Annie Macaulay and others at the same time.

Their wedding was suppose to take place on May 4th in Lagos but no wedding took place and neither Pastor Adeoye nor Sumnbo say a word to those around them. I hear Sunmbo has jetted out to America but Pastor Adeoye is in Lagos carrying on with “business as usual”. is trying to get an insider in the church to give us the real details of the “challenges” that finally led to the suspension or postponement or cancellation of the the wedding. Stay tuned!
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