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Jim Iyke’s Girlfriend Breaks Up With Him Over Money; Launches Attack…

Is it believed that this is a calculated attempt by a few enemies of popular actor, Jim Iyke to frustrate him and if possible rubbish is growing goodwill that led to him making millions from his reality show. When did girlfriends start issuing press statements because they have issues with their guy?

Jim Iyke and Kenturah Breaks Up
Well, this is the dirty “politricks” that is playing out between Jim Iyke’s (ex)lover Kenturah Hamilton and those who are known to have raw hatred for Jim Iyke, for whatever reason.

See a negative press statement written on-behalf of Kenturah below…

Keturah Hamilton, Model, Actress, and Ex-Fiancée of Jim Iyke is ready to tell the real story after the Jim Iyke Unscripted show that was aired on April 17, 2013.

In a world where reality shows are an “In-thing” and bad behavior becomes the A.M. topic to cover, leave it to Jim Iyke Unscripted or better said the “_Scripted_” show to deliver real life drama. The episode that aired on April 17, 2013, did not disappoint the viewers who were glued to their TVs watching Keturah Hamilton’s role that was none the less excellent! She was really able to bring her character to the next level of entertainment.

Keturah Hamilton had acted out an edgy script of jealousy and rage towards Jim Iyke, that was delivered as well as any actress in Hollywood. Keturah was so good that even her fans were astonished to see how well she acted and was able to challenge Jim on his bad behavior.

Boldly, Jim gave Keturah the opportunity to exit the reality show based on the controversial episode. Even though a pre-recorded version of “Kiss and Make-up” was on stand-by to be aired, Keturah already had made her decision.

For the time being, Jim Iyke and Keturah Hamilton are no longer together because in reality, Jim’s bad boy behavior was just too overwhelming for the reality star. Keturah has decided to move on to the bigger and better things that her heart has long been looking to do. She quotes, “I wish Jim well on his show and hope that he matures into the man I always wanted him to be!”
Keturah is currently in a new, reality-based show called “Diamonds in the Rough”. We will see more of Keturah Hamilton on the big screen and on other future projects on the works because as they say, “It’s not over until the fat lady sings!”

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The City People Excerpt: Banky W and WizKid rumoured feud

The causes of the said ‘fight’ between Wizkid and his boss, Banky W has been revealed by the man in the centre of it all, Banky W. He has a lot to say in this chat with City People. See excerpt below:

When you released that album there was something a lot of people noticed?
Let me tell you that Wizkid wasn’t on the album. First of all, I want to say that what we like to call ‘Bad Belle People’ because they think there may be bad news and when you don’t give them that news they start to create it because I guess bad news sells more than good news. So I want to say categorically that there was no twitter fight. People go on-line and use Photoshop to create my profile and say that I said this and then they go and create Wizkid’s profile and say he said this.

The bottom line is first of all, that never happened and what happened is that we’ve been working on Wizzy’s project to make it work internationally and when you are getting to that level things change. He has his own idea of what he wants to do and we are in 100 percent in support of that and these are things that we dreamed of back in 2009 when I signed him. I felt like this guy can blow all over the world, this guy can you know really be a star and now that it has happened it is a good thing. There is a disturbing London angle he wants to take and so on and so forth and there is a contract in place and he is still signed to EME.

So he is still signed to EME?
Absolutely he is still signed to EME.

Because the general believe is that he started his own thing, ‘Star Boy entertainment.’
Well, you know that is something else he wants to do. He wants to start his record label and I mean I started my own label and look where I am today. You have a lot of people fabricating stuff and trying to make it feel like there is a battle and you know we don’t believe in that. We are all mature, we are all grown up people and we are all happy for one another.

You know he is starting his label and we are in support of that, he is going internationally and working with Disturbing London, and we are in support of that. There is still the Konvict Music angle which we also orchestrated so I guess we can call it restructuring but we are all on the table negotiating and figuring out the best way to make the project move forward. There is no beef, Wiz is absolutely a part of the family legally, he is still signed even aside from contract somethings are bigger than contract and money. EME and Wiz will continue.

It is just that we are figuring out the terms and the reason he is not on the album and in fact he had worked on some one or two things that were supposed to be on the album but in the interest of kind of respecting the conversation that we were having, you know what let’s figure out where we are going and how we are going to do his next level stuff. So we decided as a group to suspend the music that we worked on together just for now till we figure out all of that. We are almost at the conclusion will that. He is absolutely and will always be a part of the family. I mean we created history, this is somebody whose debut album took the whole country, the continent by storm and you know we all worked on that, so it is a good thing not a bad thing, growth is good so that is really the long and short of it.

How does it work for him to have star boy entertainment and still be a part of EME?
I would give you a fantastic example, Kanye West has “Good Music” and he is still with Rock Nation, Rockafella that is all I am going to say about it. There is no beef, no war. One day I woke up and I saw on twitter that somebody has used Photoshop to make my profile and said some random things and used some terrible English that I have never used in my life it just unfortunate that as far as we have come as an industry there are still some people in the media and I want to give credit to guys like City People.

You guys never took that route and I respect you people for that because some other blogs and sites started creating things out of thin air to cause a problem. We are working and we are all trying to achieve our dreams and hopefully taking this movement to another level. I have never said anything negative about Wiz, and Wiz has never said anything negative about me publicly and let’s just accept and leave it like that. Wiz will continue to be successful, EME will continue to be successful. Let’s just keep the peace one big happy family.

I am going little into what was reported that at your album launch that Wizzy was ignored. He was not acknowledged at the album launch.
I have to explain it. The album launch was structured in a very specific way. We used the album launch, I might add, to launch the Samsung Galaxy Brand phone by the way if you haven’t got one you might go out to get one which has my signature on it but at the album launch nobody was acknowledged because it was not one of those events where you sit down and say “Oh Don Jazzy is in the building and now we have the CEO of Samsung in the building and now you have eLDee the Don in the building who were there.

We wanted to have something that is not a typical event. Secondly from the stage, I don’t acknowledge anybody and that is not a disrespectful thing it is just the structure of the event. Wiz came in like Don Jazzy, Samsung Executives, eLDee the Don, IK, Waje, like everybody else came in and we had a fantastic event and nobody was complaining from my end but again I go back to the fact that people want to create bad news and it is exciting. Exciting for some people when Biggy and 2Pac are throwing words at each other and when Nas and Jay-Z are fighting and then people just want to create that and it is sad, really sad.

Why didn’t they write Don Jazzy came to the event and I don’t hail him? Why didn’t they write I didn’t hail any of the other EME artiste that came to the event? Why didn’t they write I didn’t hail Segun Demuren, that is my business partner. They didn’t write it because it wasn’t exciting.

A lot of people believe that what led to the rift between you and Wiz is because of the sharing formula. I just want you to clear the air on that issue.
Okay, again, I want to say about “sharing formula” again, I got back to the something I have been saying which is when you don’t give them bad news that create it. EME has the fairest recording deal in the country by far. I can go pound for pound and show you the terms that EME artistes including myself even though I own the company, have versus any other recording contract name the recording company. You don’t do that but I can beat my chest to say EME has the best recording contract in the industry, it is not just true for people to say or hint that any of my artistes are received 25 per cent. It is impossible and even you as an artiste can never sign that kind of deal so it is 100 per cent false. Part of the reason the EME deals are structured the way they are is because I am an artiste myself and when I was coming up, I was offered a lot of deals even in Nigeria that were not just but now that I’m to start up myself, I wont sign a deal with an artiste I wont be able to sign myself which I have also signed the same deal. So to cut the long story short, the report out there is 100 per cent untrue.

In fact, if you actually look at the clause that EME takes on behalf of the artistes from the day we signed until when they released their album or whenever money starts being generated, the deal is actually more in favour of the artiste than of the company but we do that because I myself just wouldn’t feel right about a record deal that won’t benefit the artiste. It is 100 per cent false again. It is just sad that some people try to create news. They don’t have the fact so they create them. However, you have to go back to the things I actually said not the things people said I said or what people said Wizzy said you know, it is just what it is.

People can say what they want, but what I tell my artistes is that Jesus Christ was perfect and he was still crucified. How much more us with all the crazy, bad messed-up things we have done in our lives and you think you are going to walk through this paths and be praised? You have to deal with the territory. You want to go on stage and people are going to cheer there are come that want to tear you down regardless.

And all you can do really is try to be a good person and try to do right by everybody God brings your way and if you do that let God take care of the rest. We are fine, we are cool, very happy with Wiz and for Wiz. That is all I have to say.

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Hafeez Oyetoro (SAKA), with a another mouth-watering deal…

MTN and Etisalat Fight Over SAKA
Some say it’s healthy competition, others say MTN simply plotted a coup against Etisalat by snatching their top ambassador, Hafeez Oyetoro (SAKA), with a mouth-watering deal of about N20million. But is it possible for SAKA to return to Etisalat if given a better deal?

It was gathered that Etisalat is already planning a counter ‘offensive’plan B against MTN by providing a nigerian born hollywood actor kazeem in his stead and are also ready to battle them Naira for Naira. The days ahead will be very interesting!

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How to be successful as your own boss in the entertainment industry:


‘I pray to God that I make it to heaven, for going through hell, let my success shame the devil’
– Olamide (Jesu o’kola feat Aduke, YBNL, 2012)

Before I start, can we agree Nigerian rapper Olamide is the hottest Nigerian rapper right now? With over 10 hit collaborations in less than a year, chart topping singles from a critically-acclaimed album, ubiquitous guest appearances and cameos; it’s safe to say he is…

It didn’t start this way for ‘Badoo’ though. Olamide’s early days can be traced to many years back when he was still called G-Dog and would visit veteran urban sound producer ID Cabasa’s studio in Bariga, in his secondary school uniform.

With the CODED Tunes dynasty falling apart, (9ice had just left, Lord of Ajasa left to work with K Solo for his third album, 2Phat kind of stopped making music, Reminisce and Jah Bless signed with EDGE Records), the young energetic rapper was signed and re-christened ‘Olamide’. He also signed a management deal with Toni Payne and released a premature debut album ‘Rapsodi’ in 2011, thus his journey to absolute power began.

It’s 2013 and a lot of things have changed; what we can tell you is that Olamide’s career would have gone down the drain after his debut release if he hadn’t made power moves – the kind of moves only a boss (or a boss in the making) would make.

Nigerian Entertainment Today details all these in a few points below:

First thing Olamide did was fire Toni Payne whom he felt wasn’t doing much for his career right after his debut album release. The two parted ways controversially when Payne reportedly accused Olamide of performing and collecting performance fees without her knowledge. Olamide was then managed by 2Phat of CODED Tunes. After parting ways with ID Cabasa, he hired the services of Tony Nwakolor. Nwakolo, a very popular 30 something-year-old manager had failed with a now defunct Yes Records years back but in the process gained a lot of experience. Olamide is currently being managed by Nwkolo’s 1805 Entertainment.

Even when Olamide parted with Toni Payne and eventually CODED Tunes, he kept his thoughts on the matter on the low, never speaking to the press about it. He also didn’t discuss his partying ways or throw disses at them on his songs. He also has united with other Yoruba speaking rappers especially Reminisce (who seems to be his toughest competition), Base One and others. No stories of getting drunk, knocking any girl up or being photographed while sleeping with a university student. And oh yea, he stopped dissing 9ice too.

Olamide is currently building his empire – starting with setting up his own label – YBNL (Yahoo Boy, No Laptop) which relates to a hustler, whose work ethics matches that of an internet fraudster), merging forces with rappers Kida Kudz (winner of the Peak Talent Show, season 2) and 2Kriss. He has also got for himself a new producer Mr Pheelz who is credited with giving him the new sound on his ‘YBNL’ album.

Why buy a 9mm gun to kill a 20 feet giant when you could buy a rocket launcher? Olamide didn’t leave any stone unturned when recording his sophomore album YBNL – sticking with a little known producer Mr Pheelz (with some help from big brother Samklef), Olamide tightened his guest appearance list, featuring the likes of A-List acts Tiwa Savage, Davido, B-List acts Kayswitch, Dammy Krane and street-appealing acts rappers Reminisce, BaseOne, Minus and Aduke.

Since Dagrin’s death in 2010, there’s not been a rapper who has appealed to the public with street music, more than Olamide and Reminisce (mega props to Illbliss, Vector, Erigga and Seriki). With street appealing songs like ‘First of all’, ‘Ilefo Illuminati, ‘Voice of the Streets’ and ‘Young Erikina’, Badoo has won the hearts of the streets again.

We can’t leave the ladies out. Olamide also knows this, so with tracks like ‘Unite’ and ‘Stupid love’, he keeps gaining their attention as the DJ and radio stations keep spinning those singles.

Truth be told – Nigerian rappers are very lazy, or how would you explain a popular rapper releasing only two singles in a whole year? (Although A&Rs would explain he/she is trying to push and penetrate the market). Olamide is going the old fashioned way (and most secure route), by working his ass off (like 2pac, Notorious BIG, Lil Wayne, Drake, 50 Cent), recording and releasing multiple materials. A week after dropping his successful YBNL album, Olamide dropped a new song ‘Rayban Abacha’, announcing the release of his new mixtape ‘Still on Streets’ dropping in 2013. He has gone on to drop two other singles

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Why Keke Kenny of Kennis Music was not @ 2baba’s wedding..

So why didn’t 2face Idibia’s fromer record label, Kenny Ogungbe attend his wedding?
Ogungbe was in no mood to address the question when he was asked recently. “I don’t think it is something you should ask me. Go and ask 2face why Primetime and Kennis Music were not in attendance. I am too old to start joining issues with people,” he said.

At the very publicised traditional and white wedding, a lot of celebrities both in Idibia’s old and new circle were in attendance but his record, Kennis Music, who launched his solo career in 2004 were suspiciously missing in action.

Ogungbe with his business partner, Dayo Adeneye had parted ways with Idibia amicably a few years ago.

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PHOTO: Singer Nicki Minaj Goes Complete Nude?

Nicky Minaj Goes Nude 3
Atimes you wonder what messages these celebs are passing on as a legacy to the younger generations.This is a nude pics of nicki minaj…so sad, sexy or trashy what do u think?
Nicky Minaj Goes Nude 4

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My Most Heartbreaking Experience ––Actress Joke Sylva

Joke Silva
Veteran actress, Joke Silva has shared her most heart breaking experience. She said it was something that she felt was never possible so she was shocked beyond words when she encountered it. The incident, she said, happened when she was working for her church.

In a chat with The Entertainer, the actress and mother of three recounted her ordeal thus:

“Our church, This Present House, runs several shelters for drug addicts and people who have been trafficked within and outside Nigeria; you will be surprised what happens within Nigeria.

“We have 10 year old girls being sold into prostitution. One was actually younger than 10. She had been trafficked and was being molested. It was so heart rendering. We had to buy her from the whorehouse because the madam who ran the whorehouse insisted the girl was a client’s favourite. Can you imagine?”

She however reveals that some of the girls have finally been rescued and are undergoing rehabilitation. “Today, we have been able to rehabilitate them in the shelter. They have developed their skills. Some are in boarding schools and one is in the university. The bottom line is that with just a little effort, things could be better,” she said.

source: The Entertainer

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Governor oshiomhole and I Go Die shares same Birthday moments..

One of Naija’s funniest comedian, I Go Dye, who is from Edo State shares the same birthday with the governor of the state, Adams Oshiomhole. Hence, he was privilege to hangout with Mr Governor at the Government House in Benin City on Thursday, April 4.

Gov Oshiomolhe and I Go Die
#HappyBirthday to the men!

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