After Taking Off Her Clothes on Camera, Waje Wants Another Man

So shocking and pathetic to see how some of our own highly respected celeb preach immoral lifestyle either though their way of life or trendy styles.Recently nigerian talented singer – songwriter waje’s nude pics from the shoot of her “I wish” video has been generating negative comments on social media networks. Seclude to this facts, It appears the whole drama of taking off her clothes during the shoot of her video is a gimmick to show the guys that she’s still got ‘hot body’ despite being a single mother. Her relationship with the man who impregnated her didn’t work out, so she is hunting for a new man.

Below is what Singer Waje said about the kind of man she wants:

“I want a man who fears God. A man who is confident and comfortable and would not be intimidated by things that come with what I do. I know what it is to be talking with a friend and somebody you don’t know from Adam would come to excuse you and say ‘I want to take a picture with you’. It keeps going on and on. So it’s somebody who understands that can take this. Then that person must be handsome.

“As a single mother the natural question people must ask is about the relationship that produced the child and what happened? some things are better left unsaid. It did not work out that is it. It has nothing to do with music or me doing music, it just didn’t work out.”

So guys, if you know you’re handsome humbly apply to Waje. *wink!*

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One thought on “After Taking Off Her Clothes on Camera, Waje Wants Another Man

  1. waje baby no worry I fit manage u cos those BOOBS na die!

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