Is Temitope Osoba a stripper….Exclusive Interview

ACTRESS Temitope Osoba
Beautiful, sexy and ever-smiling, Temitope Osoba dazzled the movie world as a stripper in the late Bisi Komolafe’s movie titled “Igboro Ti Daru” and certainly got some tongues wagging about her. In this chat with Showtime, she opens up on sex, relationship and issues in the movie industry.

Who is Temitope Osoba?

Temitope Osoba is a simple girl, an actress by profession. I was born and bred in Lagos. I graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University with a BSc. degree in Business Education. I have been acting since 2005 and to date I have done, well, if I am not exaggerating, over 20 films and I am still counting.

Yes, “Igboro Ti Daru”, you played the role of a stripper. Wasn’t that a bit on the raw side?
Common, it wasn’t raw. We were supposed to be strippers and we didn’t even strip. I played the part of the girl who was dating the Senator. The film was produced by Late Bisi Komolafe and I was her friend in the movie. As far as I am concern that movie wasn’t raw I was comfortable with the script.

Okay, maybe you didn’t actually strip but there was enough striptease in the package?
Well, I was only doing my job. We didn’t reveal vital parts of our body. Maybe we wore some sexy dresses, that was all. Hey! That isn’t raw, it just playing the part.

But there were enough flashes of the cleavage, the laps and even your backsides weren’t so covered, so to say?I don’t know what you are talking about. Every day we see ladies wearing dresses that reveal their cleavage and shorts that reveal their laps. You wouldn’t call them strippers, would you? About the backsides, you are on your own because I don’t see where we revealed anything of sort.

See, the film wasn’t about showcasing the life of strippers, the message in it is to teach girls not to live wayward lives and that’s what we did in the film. You would see all the girls who lived waywardly ended up bad.

What’s your idea of sex generally. Some believe it should be for married couple alone?
I think sex is meant to be enjoyed by two people who have serious feeling for each other. Sex is good, it is there for two lovers to enjoy themselves and share the secrets of their hearts.

On whether one should engage in premarital sex or not, I would say yes. Premarital sex is okay as long as it is a safe sex. Our society allows it. These days, you can hardly keep a relationship going without sex

–– Do you agree with her? Is it true that you can’t keep a relationship without sex?

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