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Fast Rising Music Act, Damino Damouche Shot Dead


He was shot dead at LASU gate few hours ago after writing a test. He was a Banking and Finance student and people are saying he was a cult guy and was shot twice on the head and left hand by another cult member at their school gate. He got popular with his song Obo to she.

see pics below of his brutal murder during a fracas..

May his soul rest in peace, amen.

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Basketmouth new delivery… 2013 exclusive Opel Insignia car

Basketmouth New Car 2Basketmouth New Car 5

You just need to know how to fit in and play your cards well and cash will be rolling in for you with ease. I hear one of Nigeria’s consistent comedian, Basketmouth, real names Bright Okpocha, just took delivery of the 2013 exclusive Opel Insignia car. That he got the car is not a big deal, but how he did it.

The 2013 Opel Insignia was built from scratch to Basketmouth’s specification….
Giving details about the car he said: “She’s the first and only one in Africa, I built her from the scratch, as in…I cooked her like soup. She’s my Christmas gift, she arrived 2 months late, but its still mine anyway, her name is snow white. The car is actually not sold at any showroom in the world…you can only order it.”


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Letter From Denrele to Goldie: My super star friend

The following soul -lifting and touching writeup came from goldie’s best friend amidst of all the negative stories flooding the net about her death…due enjoy
I Will Move Mountains To Continue Your Legacy
–– Says Goldie’s Best Friend, Denrele

My super star friend sways away and I stand watching till she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says “she’s gone”…Gone where?

Gone from my sight, that is all. She is just as gorgeous now as when last I saw her.

Her slightly disappearing figure and total loss from my sight is in me, not in her.

And just at that moment, when someone at my side says she’s gone, there are others who are watching her coming over their horizon and other voices take up a glad shout – There she comes! That is what dying id – An horizon and just the limit of our sight.

My lifeline, my lexicon, therapist and support system…we have known lots of pleasure, at times endured ppai, we have lived in the sunshine and walked in the rain. I had acute malaria (was shaking terribly) but performed “skibobo” with you at the Industry Night and Loud&Proud show, I sprained my ankle but still shot your three videos in a row in S/A.

I left my family house and moved in with you and your family right after all the Big Brother Africa madness, I did all the damage control….

I fought every organizer simply cos I wanted you on the bill with me and split my show earnings with you, I dragged you to the American Embassy even if it meant I had to get up at 4am. I endured negative criticism because shallow minds couldn’t comprehend your brand essence – I started wearing block heels (you got me the most fabulous pair of Jeffrey Campbells) and I damned the consequences. I recorded the reality show “Tru Friendship” with you because you went on and on about it and I wanted to please you.

I have been your fierce-alter ego in all your videos, I have fought your fights, endured countless eccentric P.As with you…I can go on and on and this is how you leave me? You chose an eternal sleep over a fabulous life with me? Lest I forget, I ate the entire box of birthday chocolates Bola sent to you!

Phew, I can’t type anymore, I’m playing “Good To Me” (always disturbed you to release that song) and my notepad is a misty mass of my never ending tears. So sad when people who give you the best memories, become a memory!

The Goldie I knew, despite your success and worldwide recognition, still wondered, “Am I good enough?” “Am I pretty enough?” “Will they like me?” It was this burden that made you great…And that made you stumble in the end.

Goldie if you can hear me now, you weren’t just good enough – You were abso-frigging-lutely GREAT! You sang the whole damn song without a band – you made the picture of a showbiz star look so perfect!

Your parting has left a void, but I will fit it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss and oh yes, these things I too will miss. Even though we are separated and for a time apart, I am not alone cos you’re forever in my heart. I will move mountains to continue your legacy, I will crash ceilings to spread your good works, I will break barriers to sell your “market” but above all, I will cherish the awesome times we spent together…You will forever be my source of infinity!

We wore the same shoe size and had the same body proportions. You made me start strutting lashes and recall I wore that black dress of yours you never got to wear? No masterpiece can ever match your face! To everyone reading this piece, let my dear friend rest in peace! Speak no evil about her, she was too good to be true!

I can hear you say to me…Mbirikoko, do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep, Do not stand at my grave and cry…I am not there, I did not die!

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Is Temitope Osoba a stripper….Exclusive Interview

ACTRESS Temitope Osoba
Beautiful, sexy and ever-smiling, Temitope Osoba dazzled the movie world as a stripper in the late Bisi Komolafe’s movie titled “Igboro Ti Daru” and certainly got some tongues wagging about her. In this chat with Showtime, she opens up on sex, relationship and issues in the movie industry.

Who is Temitope Osoba?

Temitope Osoba is a simple girl, an actress by profession. I was born and bred in Lagos. I graduated from Olabisi Onabanjo University with a BSc. degree in Business Education. I have been acting since 2005 and to date I have done, well, if I am not exaggerating, over 20 films and I am still counting.

Yes, “Igboro Ti Daru”, you played the role of a stripper. Wasn’t that a bit on the raw side?
Common, it wasn’t raw. We were supposed to be strippers and we didn’t even strip. I played the part of the girl who was dating the Senator. The film was produced by Late Bisi Komolafe and I was her friend in the movie. As far as I am concern that movie wasn’t raw I was comfortable with the script.

Okay, maybe you didn’t actually strip but there was enough striptease in the package?
Well, I was only doing my job. We didn’t reveal vital parts of our body. Maybe we wore some sexy dresses, that was all. Hey! That isn’t raw, it just playing the part.

But there were enough flashes of the cleavage, the laps and even your backsides weren’t so covered, so to say?I don’t know what you are talking about. Every day we see ladies wearing dresses that reveal their cleavage and shorts that reveal their laps. You wouldn’t call them strippers, would you? About the backsides, you are on your own because I don’t see where we revealed anything of sort.

See, the film wasn’t about showcasing the life of strippers, the message in it is to teach girls not to live wayward lives and that’s what we did in the film. You would see all the girls who lived waywardly ended up bad.

What’s your idea of sex generally. Some believe it should be for married couple alone?
I think sex is meant to be enjoyed by two people who have serious feeling for each other. Sex is good, it is there for two lovers to enjoy themselves and share the secrets of their hearts.

On whether one should engage in premarital sex or not, I would say yes. Premarital sex is okay as long as it is a safe sex. Our society allows it. These days, you can hardly keep a relationship going without sex

–– Do you agree with her? Is it true that you can’t keep a relationship without sex?

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Heaven pathway….

According to the word of the lord jesus christ, from the book of matt 24…it can really be deduced that the time of our lord is more nearer than any one can ever think or imagined.The following pictures really flashes light on such evolutionary decision…


so what path have you really made your mind to go HEAVEN OR HELL.
WELL… the choice is just be wise you spend your eternity,return back to your maker today cos is ever ready to accept you.Acknowledged that you have seen and be willing to accept is uncompromising gift for humanity…be bless

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See How Money Turned Wizkid & Banky Against Each Other

Banky W and Wizkid 1

The split between Banky W and Wizkid, inside sources say, resulted from an alleged high difference in what Banky W gets from revenues made by the young star, Wizkid.

The ‘injustice’, according to what gathered, has been bothering Wizkid until he summoned the courage to ask for an improved contract from Banky W, which hit him (Banky) by surprise.

“You know Wizkid is the backbone of EME music label. The boy (Wizkid) feels that Banky W has been milking too much from him with the large chunk of what Banky W takes from what the boy makes.

“Wizkid has asked for an improved contract because the present one allocates much of Wizkid’s earnings to Banky W. You know when you are coming up, you sign any kind of deal because you just want to climb stardom.

“That is the situation the boy finds himself but Banky felt hurt that Wizkid could ask for an improved offer after what he (Banky W) has done for him.

“This was the beginning of the problem between them. The boy even threatened to leave the label sometimes ago but Banky W felt it was a joke. He took it with a pinch of salt. Now, he is at a crossroad and confused on what to do,” a source told Aproko 247.

Wizkid’s mum waded into the matter but Wizkid reportedly ignored his mum advice and stood his ground on leaving the label. “Wizkid’s mum has also tried to talk sense to her son but it seems the guy (Wizkid) is bent on moving on with his life.”

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Goldie gone too soon…


Shortly after arriving from Los Angeles, Goldie complained of a headache then slumped and was rushed to Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island where she was pronounced dead on arrival. She was 30 years old.

Born Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey on 22, October 1982, the young Susan was raised in a strongly Christian household by a pastor father and choir mistress mother. Her activities revolved around the church where she started singing in the junior choir and taught in the Sunday school classes. She was enrolled at Green Springs Montessori Primary School and completed her secondary education at St John’s College Palm Groove, Lagos. She moved on to the University of Sunderland where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management. It was during her sojourn in the UK that friends who noticed her uneven skin tone and hair colour gifted her with the name she would eventually find fame with.


One name only. She joined an impressive club of female superstars, one whose members include Madonna and Cher who go by just one mysterious first name and just like these divas, she arrived in a combustible cloud of colour, costumes and controversy.

But super stardom did not come immediately. Joining an all-girl group in the UK, she started writing songs and performing with the group without much success. She returned home with a bag of determination and a burning desire to succeed and in 2006 put out her debut CD, ‘Spin me’ which sported four tracks; ‘Komole’, ‘Nothing Has Changed’, ‘Shift’ and ‘Spin Me.’ While the disc was mostly ignored by the general public, it got her notices in important music business circles and before long she had hooked up with Kennis music and was hard at work on her second album.

She had an album to her credit but it was one single, ‘You know it’ that made her a pop star. The industry had never heard anything like it nor seen anything like it’s accompanying video- at least not in recent times. She was a relentlessly confident woman, singing menacingly about taking her rival’s man in a video that was slightly ahead of it’s time. With her colourful plumage and brash lyrics, Goldie’s hippy image was loud and carried into places her vocal limitations could not.

Goldie understood that remaining a star was even more difficult than becoming one and she pushed herself hard to maintain that X-factor that would for the duration of her brief career, keep her on the right side of relevant. She made bold fashion choices- some worked and some didn’t and kept us glued to her music videos and risqué live performances. It was only a matter of time before the awards started rolling in. A third album followed in early 2012 as well as an appearance in the celebrity season of Africa’s biggest reality television show, Big Brother Africa.

Big Brother Star game made her a continental favourite as it introduced her to the African audience who soon fell in love with her even as she introduced her level-headed, domestic nature. She played den mother to the gang, tirelessly cooking and cleaning and for once, many were privileged to see beyond all the artifice and glamour of her pop star life. Although many were put out by her on-again, off-again relationship with the Kenyan rapper Prezzo, Goldie remained adamant about living her life on her own terms. She answered to no one and did exactly what she felt like, when she felt like.

Following her Big Brother stint where she had garnered even more fans, she took a breather and then perhaps armed with a premonition of how things would turn out, launched herself full throttle into her career. There was a new single, ‘Skibobo’ with an eye on conquering the continent, an upcoming album and a new reality show with her best friend, the MTV veejay Denrele. According to her label boss Kenny Ogungbe, her Grammy trip was supposed to open up new vistas and exciting possibilities for her career and she was all set to move unto the next big thing.

Regrettably, none of this will come to pass.

We can only take some form of consolation in the life she lived; brief but eventful, the career she had, joy she brought to our lives through her music and videos, even as we look forward to post-humous releases from her label.

Rest in peace sister.

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Wow!! Wizkid Shares Lovely Photo of His Girlfriend

This season of love is sure throwing up lots of surprises. See what Wizkid said about her below…
WIZKID Girl 2WIZKID lover 2

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The 55th Annual Grammy Awards…

Grammys 1Grammys 2Grammys 3

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards was held on February 10, 2013, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. See photos from the Red Carpet below plus the complete list of winners….

The complete winners list….
– Pop/duo group performance: Somebody That I Used to Know, Gotye featuring Kimbra
– Traditional pop vocal album: Kisses on the Bottom, Paul McCartney
– Rap performance: N****s in Paris, Jay-Z, Kanye West
– Rap song: N****s in Paris, Shawn Carter, Mike Dean, Chauncey Hollis, Kanye West
– Rap album: Take Care, Drake
– R&B performance: Climax, Usher
– Traditional R&B performance: Love on Top, Beyonce
– R&B song: Adorn, Miguel Pimentel
– R&B album: Black Radio, Robert Glasper Experiment
– Rock song: Lonely Boy, The Black Keys
– Rock album: El Camino, The Black Keys
– Hard rock/metal performance: Love Bites (So Do I), Halestorm
– Alternative music album: Making Mirrors, Gotye
– Dance recording: Bangarang, Skrillex featuring Sirah
– Dance/electronica album: Bangarang, Skrillex
– Latin pop album: MTV Unplugged Deluxe Edition, Juanes
– Latin rock, urban or alternative album: Imaginares, Quetzal
– Latin jazz album: Ritmo!, The Clare Fisher Latin Jazz Big Band
– Tropical Latin album: Retro, Marlow Rosado Y La Riquena
– Country duo/group performance: Pontoon, Little Big Town
– Country song: Blown Away, Josh Kear, Chris Tompkins
– Gospel song: Go Get It, Mary Mary
– Gospel album: Gravity, Leerae
– Blues album: Locked Down, Dr. John
– Folk album: The Goat Rodeo Sessions, Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile.
– Americana album: Slipstream, Bonnie Raitt
– Bluegrass album: Nobody Knows You, Steep Canyon Rangers
– Reggae album: Rebirth, Jimmy Cliff
– World music album: The Living Room Sessions Part 1, Ravi Shankar
– Children’s album: Can You Canoe?, The Okee Dokee Brothers
– Spoken word album: Society’s Child: My Autobiography, Janis Ian
– Comedy album: Blow Your Pants Off, Jimmy Fallon
– New age album: Echoes of Love, Omar Akram
– Jazz vocal album: Radio Music Society, Esperanza Spalding
– Jazz instrumental album: Unity Band, Pat Metheny Unity Band
– Large jazz ensemble album: Dear Diz (Every Day I Think of You), Arturo Sandoval
– Pop instrumental album: Impressions, Chris Botti
– Compilation soundtrack album: Midnight in Paris, various artists
– Score soundtrack album: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross
– Song written for visual media: Safe & Sound (From The Hunger Games), Taylor Swift, John Paul White, Joy Williams
– Musical theater album: Once: A New Musical, Steve Kazee, Cristin Milioti
– Producer of the year, classical: Blanton Alspaugh
– Producer of the year, non-classical: Dan Auerbach
– Instrumental composition: Mozart Goes Dancing, Chick Corea.
– Orchestral performance: Adams: Harmonielehre & Short Ride in a Fast Machine, Michael Tilson Thomas (San Francisco Symphony)
– Opera recording: Wagner, Der Ring des Nibelungen, James Levine and Fabio Luisi
– Choral performance: Life & Breath: Choral Works by Rene Clausen, Charles Bruffy
– Short-form music video: We Found Love, Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris
– Long-form music video: Big Easy Express, Mumford & Sons.
– Historical album: The Smile Sessions (Deluxe Box Set), Alan Boyd, Mark Linett, Brian Wilson, Dennis Wolfe
You might a

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BREAKING! Pope Resigns As Head Of Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI, head of the Roman Catholic Church, has announced that he will resign his position as head of the leading Christian body, a spokesperson confirmed on Monday.

Pope Benedict, the 265th Pope of the Catholic Church, began his papacy on April 19, 2005. gathered from multiple sources that the Pope will resign on February 28. At the time of posting, there are just too many insinuations with regards to the real reason(s) for his resignation.

I’ll keep you all informed as soon as I know more.

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