How Don Jazzy Orders Thugs to Beat Up Princewill

One could hardly believe the strange misdemeanor of our fast-rising so-called celeb lately. While everyone was still savouring the good tidings of the new year and excitements the weird happened.This incident of abuse of power came alive between popular producer, Don Jazzy and a Lagos socialite princewill. Below are the low-downs gist as they were presented to me.

Don Jazzy recently bought over Jay Jay Okocha’s night club and has been begging people on twitter to come to his, with promises to reduce the price of drinks. I have evidence for this but obviously that is a matter for another day.

#LobaGetStarted! Back to the issue of Don Jazzy ordering thugs to beat up Princewill.

According to an eye witness we gathered that, Princewill Ojukwu, a Lagos socialite had a row with Don jazzy at his newly opened PDP club and before the guy could know what was happening he was pounced upon by some brutal guys who beat “the life out of him” on the orders of Don Jazzy.

Don Jazzy Beats Princewill 1
Sources claim that the guy is yet to the recover from the pains that were inflicted on him by Don Jazzy’s thugs. Don Jazzy was said to have boasted that he doesn’t give a damn about the entire scenario but when he learnt that the Inspector General of Police has been brought into the matter, he hurriedly sent an apology text to Princewill and pleaded with him to forward an Account Number to him so he can give him some money for his hospital bill.

But Princewill said money is not his problem but justice. Here is what he said:

“Its not about the money, this could happen to anyone, it is abuse of power and needs to be checked before someone is killed all in the name of the other being a celebrity.

“Don Jazzy stood there pinging on his blackberry as his thugs beat me up, that is the last thing I remember before I….”

here is a copy of the letter to the IG of police
Don Jazzy Beats Princewill 3

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