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So MayD Has Copied Peter Okoye’s Irresponsible Behaviour?

It’s unfortunate that celebrities in Nigeria do not appreciate the significance of their positions (as role models) to younger generations. While we are yet to get over the case of Peter Okoye making babies with Lola Omotayo out of wedlock, his “homie” May D has joined the train of “illegal” fathers.

MayD Baby 1

The fast rising singer’s girlfriend, Debola, has delivered a baby boy for him. This too is out of wedlock…

MayD Baby 3

What’s more disturbing, I must say, is the manner in which these guys celebrate the results of their “illegal bedroom acts” with confidence to the whole world. And as if to confirm that both of them are partners, Peter Okoye hurriedly congratulated May D on micro blogging site, twitter.

Anyway, if a goat moves around with a dog for too long, what would happen?

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Confirmed!! NBC Bans Timaya, P’Square, Others’ Music Videos

Why not promote good morals in your videos?
The National Broadcasting Commission said it has banned a number of new music videos from being broadcast anywhere in the country for containing erotic lyrics and scenes, promoting nudity and showcasing suggestive dance steps.

The artistes whose works are affected by the ban include Psquare, Wande Coal, Timaya, Flavour and D’Prince. The others are Goldie, Chuddy K and Tillaman.

See the complete list of the affected videos below….
Tillaman ft. Vector – Koma Roll (contains erotic and suggestive dance steps)

Wande Coal – Go Low (scenes of nudity in the video)

D’Prince – Take Banana (contains erotic, vulgar words and suggestive dance styles)

Flavour – Shake (vulgar and suggestive dance steps)

Goldie – Ski Bobo (featuring a minor with suggestive and immoral dance steps)

Chuddy K – Brazilian Hair (features children and ladies with suggestive and erotic dance steps)

Timaya – Shake your Bum Bum (erotic and suggestive dance steps with vulgar lyrics).

Psquare – Alingo (erotic scenes at the end of the musical videos).

– Consequently, the affected videos can no longer be played on any TV station in the country.

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See Photo of Osaze Odemwingie’s New Baby

Osaze and Wife

Osaze is now a very proud father, the joy of every married man. See baby Noah’s photo below…

Osaze Son Noah

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Ladies, Uti Nwachukwu is Looking for Your Love

Uti 1

The Big Brother star game winner is kind of scared of love because of the ‘drama’ involved, but he wants to give it a try this year. Check out his love-related tweets with a lady below…

Uti 3

Uti 4

Uti 2

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Peter Okoye , Lola and second child Newest Pix

Peter Okoye baby1

Check out photo of baby Aliona, Peter Okoye’s second child with baby mama, Lola Omotayo, below..

Peter Okoye 4

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Rihanna’s pics leaked…

The latest controversies surrounding the lifestyles and dress sense of the R n B/Pop diva Rihanna has becoming a thing of disinterest and an eye popping for her fans…

Recently a nude pictures of her stalk nakedness while in her room barbados for a carnival celebration was seen and since been flooding the web like a wild fire.

Below are sample pics…

There were paparazzi looking around (which she was probably aware of ) and they zoomed in their camera and captured Rihanna in all her glory. The nude photos have been released ever since

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A Must Read! 3 Things to do Before He Returns

Pastor Greg Laurie

I recently stumble on the following interesting read during my surfing.kindly ruminate it, good reads….

“We have never been closer to Christ’s return than we are right now. There’s no generation that’s been closer to his return than this generation.”

– By Pastor Greg Laurie
As the world anticipated a final closing to life on December 21, 2012, many were left wondering what to do to prepare for the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Fortunately, Pastor Greg Laurie, of Harvest Church in Riverside, California, provided some insight as to what Christians need to do prior to Jesus’ return.

View Pastor Laurie’s advice below:

1. Be Alert and Ready To Go
Believers must be alert, watching for him, as Luke 12:37 suggests, Pastor Laurie said. “We have never been closer to Christ’s return than we are right now. There’s no generation that’s been closer to his return than this generation.” Believers also need to be ready to go, Pastor Laurie said. “Have your bags packed, and your comfortable shoes on.” In other words, “be engaged in activities you won’t be ashamed of when He comes,” he explained.

2. Live a Godly Life
“It’s a good thing to ask yourself… this place that I’m about to go, this thing that I’m about to do… would I be embarrassed or ashamed to be doing such a thing if Jesus were to come back. If the answer is, ‘yes,’ then don’t do it. If you can’t pray over your plans for the evening, don’t do those things,” Pastor Laurie said. Believers should live godly lives knowing Jesus is returning, Pastor Laurie said.

He cited Romans 13:11-13, “And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us behave decently, as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and debauchery, not in dissension and jealousy.”

Pastor Laurie added that a believer must also not be “competing” with others, referring to the desire to prevail over other people, to want the highest prestige, the most recognition or prominence.

3. Stay Away from Immortality
Now is not the time to party and drink, Pastor Laurie suggested. Instead of being drunk on wine or spirits, believers must remain under the influence of the Holy Spirit, he said. Stay away from immorality, he added. Pre- or extra-marital sex is a sin against God; He is not okay with it, as some might think. “Looking up p*rnography is like throwing gasoline on a fire,” Pastor Laurie warned. “You don’t beat lust, you starve it.”

Pastor Laurie concluded stating that he doesn’t know when the world will end. “But maybe the end of your world is closer to the end of the world,” he told the audience, asking, “Are you ready to meet God?”

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Actress Chika Ike Opens Up on her marriage

ACTRESS Chika Ike wedding
The thespian actress, in a recent chat, gave an incite into her troubled marriage:

I understand this is a sensitive topic but could we talk about your marriage. How long were you married for?

I was married for about five years.

The end of your marriage brought up a lot of speculation with people insinuating different reasons in the media but up till date you haven’t really come out to say what went wrong. Why are you quiet about it?
I’m a very private person and I keep my private issues to myself. As an actress, there are some things I don’t want to let out. My marriage is a very sensitive topic and I don’t really like to speak about what I went through.

The major rumored reason was domestic violence and this is something a lot of women face in their marriages. A popular blogger once advised that you tell your story so that other women can learn from your experience.

Maybe when the right time comes, I’d talk about it. There is something I’ve been avoiding saying but I’d tell you. I’m separated and I’m working on my divorce and very soon I’d get a divorce. Even if it’s so hard to believe, I’ve decided to let bygones be bygones and move on without him in my life. Both of us are still on talking terms and I’ve also learnt to forgive him. Maybe when I’m done with my divorce, I would be able to talk about it. I’m going through a lot of emotions right now and it’s still very fresh.

I quite understand. Do you think getting married at a young age was a disadvantage or had anything to do with the way it ended?I think it has to do with so many reasons, one of them might be being young. Some people get married that young and have been able to make their marriages work. But if you’re young, you’re young. There are some things you’ve not experienced. You might not be able to stay calm when you’re supposed to stay calm, understand when you’re supposed to understand or leave what you’re supposed to leave.

Also, I think these days, a lot of people are not happy in their marriages. I have a lot of friends who would have left their marriages but because of the African society, their in-laws, what people will say or other factors, they stay. We’ve heard of a lot of deaths caused by bad marriages and before the death, there would have been signs, things that have been happening leading up to that. I think it has to do with age and so many other things like compatibility and not being true to yourself in the marriage. Everybody has a limit. There are some things in marriage that you might not be able to stand. Some people’s limit might not be my limit; my limit might be somebody’s starting point.

Have you moved on and are you willing to try again?
I’ve moved on but marriage right now is not at the top of my list. I’m still trying to get myself together. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice. I have to understand the person I’m going to be with. There are so many things involved.

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SAD!! Majek Fashek Now Having Mental Problem

“He has become a shadow of his old self, breaking bottles and behaving very abnormal. In fact, he has not been himself since he returned to the country. Right now, he is hospitalized. We are trying to stabilize his condition.” Haija Oluremi Dangaji, CEO of his management company, A-Plus Entertainment, said.

Not like his mental issue is totally new but he’s now worse, from what gathered. Reggae cion, Majek Fashek was said to have disappeared from his home in Gowon Estate sometime in December, 2012, without anyone knowing his whereabout.

He reappeared early January, 2013, looking haggard and unaware of his surroundings.

Majek Fashek’s new album was suppose to come out this week, but was postponed due to his mental state. He has been hospitalized.

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Sunny Ade Says He Advised His Guitarist Against Cocaine Business

Sunny Ade
It would be recall that a year ago, Juju maestro, King Sunny Ade (KSA) told Nigerians that he was born again and since then, he has been seen romancing the Redeemed Christian Church of God being the church which led him to Christ.

In this chat brief with Olayinka Latona, the music legend spoke on various issues including the recent arrest of his former guitarist over drug trafficking. Excerpt:

What is your New Year resolution?
I want to praise the Lord for the rest of my life. I am leaving everything in the hands of the Lord because He knows my heart desire. I know what He wants from me as His son. Sometimes, as human, we think, pray, plan and wait for the result but it is God who perfected all things.

One of your ex-guitarists was recently arrested in connection with drug trafficking. In his defense, he blamed his action on his retirement from your band?He is an ex-member of my group who was retired almost five years ago. I don’t deal with anybody who doesn’t believe in God. I tried my best in advising all members of my group against getting involve in hard drugs.

I told them to see me as their leader and shun doing anything that is capable of tarnishing their image. I didn’t pray for anything evil to happen to him but I know his conscience will be troubled now.

It has been predicted that there would be massive death among Nigerian artistes this year because of their involvement in secret cults?I rebuke that prediction in the name of Jesus Christ. I believe there is nothing prayer cannot change. We had a very rough and difficult year in 2012. But I believe in the power of prayer and if we can pray sincerely, God will in His infinite mercies protect and preserve your lives. Whatever that has been prophecised against the artistes this year can be averted only if the artistes themselves are prayerful.

What’s the secret of your evergreen music. Do you think the present day musicians are leaving up to your expectation?My secret has been the grace of God and the talent He gave to me. There is still genuine and promising musicians in Nigeria. What I think should be done and which I have always spoken against is the idea of venturing into music because of the material gains. We may have made one or two mistakes while growing up, but such mistakes can be corrected.

Before composing any songs, we should asked ourselves can we play such song in the presence of our children or grand children while at home and we will not be ashamed of doing so.

What’s the relationship between King Sunny Ade and the Redeemed Christian Church of God?
This is the beginning of a new era for me. KSA and RCCG are partners in progress in the work of God. RCCG has a lot to do in my life, I want the whole world to know that, and I am proud to be a member of the church. I have been thanking God and I will continue to do so. In my compound in Ondo State, I named the chapel there after the RCCG headquarters name which is Throne of Grace; you can see God is really in love with me.

Advice to the upcoming artistes?
I always advised them to have the fear of God in them which is paramount. This is because without the fear of God in you, there will not be wisdom. The fear of God, they say, is the beginning of wisdom.

The secret of your youthful look?
It is the grace of God and I try to eat balance diet.

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