Building Filled With Firecrackers Explodes In Lagos

Fireworks explosion rocked Lagos Island on Wednesday morning.A shop containing fire crackers exploded earlier this morning in a storey building injuring many and damaging cars and houses close by woth millions of naira. The incident, which affected three buildings located at Okoya/Ojogiwa, Lagos Island, Lagos, occurred at about 8:00am. The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has confirmed death tolls.

The explosion is reported to have caused an alarming vibration in the area while the noise was deafening.

It was gathered that trouble started when a locked-up shop under one of the three buildings stocked with fireworks popularly called ‘bangers’ suddenly exploded and went up in flames.

Within minutes of the explosion, the fire spread to a nearby building, sending hundreds of residents, traders and shoppers fleeing in the usually boisterous market area.

As a result of the explosion, it was learnt that the building which had the shop under it and two others adjoining collapsed.

About 10 houses – mostly three-storey buildings – were severely destroyed by the explosion in the Idumota area of Lagos.

The building is said to be located on Oko Awo Street in the popular Jankara area of Lagos, close to King Ado Secondary School.

A spokesperson of the Lagos Fire and Safety Services said that they arrived 30 minutes after the explosion, but the crowd at the scene hindered their operation.Two firemen showed up in a fire truck and local residents grabbed fire hoses to try and put out the flames.

Firefighters and rescue agencies were swiftly deployed on the scene and battled the huge blaze.A huge crowd is said to have besieged the area making it difficult for firefighters to put out the fire.

More firefighters have been drafted to the scene of the fire and security agencies have also been drafted to help in putting out the fire that has gutted 15 adjoining buildings.


Casualty figures are yet to be ascertained.
clips can be seen below….

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