Actress Funke Akindele “Diagnosed With Cancer”

Early this month, when word spread that Funke Akindele had been diagnosed with the deadly disease Cancer, fans panicked. What started as a PR stunt for a new movie ended up scaring the living daylight out of some concerned fans.

Apparently, the actress’ latest role is of a girl who had bright aspirations of going to school but had her hopes dashed when she was diagnosed with cancer.

The movie, titled ‘A Wish‘, produced by Elvis Chucks stars Akindele as ‘Kemi’, and other Nollywood actors including Patience Ozokwor, Hafiz Oyetoro, Helen Paul, Chris Okagbue, Bishop Imeh and Kola Olaiya.

Akindele has in the past has been connected with roles dealing with topical and touching issues. In her teens she starred as ‘Bisi’ in the family and safe sex oriented educational series ‘I Need to Know’

Her role in the self-produced ‘Jenifa’ and blockbuster sequel ‘The Return of Jenifa’ were styled to be comedic, but the movie more importantly also shed light on the awareness of HIV/AIDS.

So guys, she’s not really suffering from cancer. It’s just a movie!

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