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The actress who allegedly caused Steven Kanumba’s death

According to unconfirmed reports that people in Tanzania are sending to me, 19 year fast rising Tanzanian actress Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Michaels is the person who pushed popular Tanzanian actor Steven Kanumba to his early grave.

kenya celeb murdered

According to their story, Steven and Lulu were fighting over calls that were coming on her phone while she was at his home. He demanded to see the calls and the girl wasn’t ready to surrender it. While he was taking it by force, she pushed him and he fell, hitting his head hard. The fall killed him. I heard she has been arrested….how true this may be we at hotgist4u look to any infos about the actual truth of the matter

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May D DARES PSquare; Performs Chop My Money At Felabration

may D performs at felabration

May D dares P Squared…

May D may or may not know what he has done; but the tides are already heating up and soon, there may be just another messy war between him and Square records barely two months after he was dropped by the label.

At Felabration 2012 held recently at the New Afrika Shrine, Akinmayokun May D Awodumila was one of the selected artistes to perform and indeed he performed.

May D threw caution to the wind and stormed the stage with P Square’s Do as I do which featured Tiwa Savage and himself.

He didn’t stop there as he went quickly into his award winning single Soundtrack before diving headlong into Chop my Money. May D wrapped up his act with his hit single Ile Ijo.

In all of P Square’s songs performed on this night, May D didn’t stick to his lines, rather, he took the entire songs from start to finish.

The crowd, however, didn’t seem to notice or perhaps were not bothered as they hollered and danced away the entire time.

Square Records boss Jude Engees Okoye had in a statement issued in August this year, announced that the label was severing ties with May D due to irreconcilable differences. A month later, May D launched own label Confam Entertainment.

His single Soundtrack fetched him the ‘Best R&B Single’ award at The 2012 Headies.

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Nicole Chikwe’s N1.7million wedding gown

According to award winning couture designer, Yemi Osunkoya of Kosibah Creations, Nicole Chikwe’s wedding dress which he designed cost £6, 000 while the matching veil cost £850, which all adds up to £6,850. That’s about N1.7 million. He told NET in an exclusive interview on the 19 of oct 2012 that it took him about 7 months to make the dress.

However, Mrs Chikwe was yesterday spotted at Reeds Club for Rotimi Domingo’s pre-wedding party and they swear she was pregnant. They said her tummy now has a slight bulge and she looked like she’s just finishing her first trimester. If this is true, you read it here first. If it’s not true…well, you never read it here…:-)

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Fela’s Home Turns To Kalakuta Republic Museum By Lagos Govt

New Kalakuta Republic

The Lagos State Government has turned the house of the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, into a museum to “promote cultural heritage and mark the 74th birthday” of the legendary musician. Inside the museum located at 8, Gbemisola Street, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, to be managed by Total Consult, are Fela’s trademark items like dresses, shoes and household materials. The dresses are about 3,000. Others include covers of the albums of the late musician. Images on the album covers bear a variety of styles and typefaces which echo and comment on the works and politics of the artiste. According to the state Commissioner for Tourism and Inter-Government Relations, Mr. Disun Holloway, the Kalakuta Republic Museum is to bring back the old social life and culture to Lagos. The commissioner noted that it was impossible to overstate the importance of Fela to Lagos and the global musical village. Speaking on behalf of the family, Femi, son of late Fela Kuti, hailed the state government for its support. He, however, said the museum would only serve its value if the legacies his father fought for were brought to the reality. He urged government at all levels to foster equality and eradicate poverty in the country. “We say a big ‘Thank You’ to the Lagos State government. We are not one that supports any government but ensure that all is well for the citizens. I sincerely commend Governor Fashola who has stood out to be recognised with this,” Femi said.

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D’Banj Emerges Best African Act at 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards

And the winner is…

Nigerian superstar, D’Banj has been named the Best African Act of the 2012 in recent MTV Europe Music Awards, having received the most votes from fans across sub-Saharan Africa.

Consequently, D’Banj will now compete against India’s Alobo Naga and Ahmed Soultan from the Middle East for the chance to represent the region in the Worldwide Act category.

Below is how D’Banj was described on the MTV website:
“D’Banj is a Nigerian singer and songwriter as well as harmonica guru. Winner of the 2007 Best African Act EMA, he brings Afrobeat into the 21st century.”

go boy we @ hotgist cant wait to see you bring in the grammy best of luck.

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I Left My Wife To Revive My Romance With The Jungle –Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme anchors GUS season 9

Nollywood Actor Chidi Mokeme tells ’Nonye Nen-Nwankwo why he left his new wife at home and joined the train as the host of Gulder Ultimate Search Season 9 after a break of six years.

He also addressed issues relating to his much talked about sex toy business….

Hosting GUS 9
I think it was an internal decision. I understand a public poll was held to determine who should be the next host of the Gulder Ultimate Search event. They listed the names of the past anchormen and the public was carried along to make it more interactive. At the end of the day, the result came out and my name topped the list. When I was contacted, I didn’t hesitate to accept it. There was no need to reject it simply because they decided to drop me after hosting the first two editions of the show. In fact, I was privileged to have hosted season one and two of the GUS. I always say that the show is not all about me. The show is about the opportunities created by the Gulder brand for youths. It was the responsibility of the organisers to determine what direction they want to take. I was very happy when I was given another opportunity to anchor the show. I waited all this while, hoping that it would happen. It eventually happened and I am glad about it. So I couldn’t have felt bitter in any way. My relationship with Nigeria Breweries has been very cordial all the while. Apart from GUS, we have done other things together. The organisers were at liberty to try out any new thing they wanted to do.

Surprise package
I think will keep it a secret until the show begins. You have to wait and let the show be unveiled. But I know it is a different ball game this season. We know the show is going to be a lot more exciting this year than ever. GUS 9 has broken many records already. No fewer than 30,000 people applied to participate in the show. It is record breaking. It hasn’t happened before. So, I know it will be different this year. You just have to sit down and watch it.

The contestants
Each of the contestants is a potential winner. They just have to go out there and prove themselves. Any one of them can become a winner. It is possible for a girl to win this time. Last year, a girl almost won. She was standing on the treasure and she didn’t know it. Maybe she didn’t think it was possible and right under her nose, somebody else came and took the treasure. That is the kind of surprise we have to watch out for this year.

My new wife
I knew I just got married and here am I in the jungle. But I know my wife will cope. She has been coping. I need to revive my romance with the jungle. Even then, this is what I have signed up for. This is my routine and she knows it. She appreciates what I do and she will cope. The days are long gone when I appeared on TV just for appearance sake. If I need to be on TV, I need to do something that is fulfilling, that would want you to wake up in the morning and go to work. I choose the kind of things I do now.

My wife is a ‘double’ doctor. She is a Pharmacist and medical doctor. I say it with pride. Our careers are far apart, but we understand each other. I knew she was the woman for me from the moment I saw her. She never knew I was an actor. I met her four years ago. I met her outside Nigeria. She is a Nigerian, but she is a American by birth. Marriage happens when it wants to happen. It was time for me to get married and I got married. Before now, I hadn’t the opportunity to get married. Maybe it was because I had other things on my mind. It finally happened when it happened.

Selling sex toys
I am a model, I own a clothes line and a studio. Why are you interested in the shop for sex toys? Only those who are interested in sex talk about sex toys. Sex for me is something you keep behind closed doors. It is not something to be discussed in public. I have not told you that I sell sex toys. So I cannot tell you if I make money selling them.

Brand ambassador
I started as a model. My job was to represent brands. This brand ambassadorship is becoming popular two decades after we have been involved in it. It has caught on. Some of my colleagues are now being endorsed by one brand or the other. I have my own fair share of the endorsement deal. I am brand ambassador of a telecommunications company called Zodaphone. Many things are happening underground. Things will reveal themselves in time. We have graduated from modelling to endorsement. I am a brand and I do endorsements now.

My acting career
I don’t think I will quit acting. There is no retirement age when it comes to acting. As the year goes, the opportunities available to you keep changing. I am not going to quit acting. My principles have remained the same. The things that inspired me to act in a movie haven’t changed. The story must be relevant. It can be a story that I must relate and connect with. From that, I go to the crew. I must know the people I am working with. If they are people I can work with, then we are cool before we start talking about the fees. I am not expensive. It depends on the project. You cannot put a limit on the arts. I can do a film free-of-charge and I can do another for a billion naira. I have a production outfit as well. I am sure as soon as we are out of the jungle, I will go back and meet with my people.

My parents gave me the opportunity to acquaint myself with the whole of Nigeria. I had my primary education in the West, I had my secondary education in the North and I had my tertiary education in the East. I have always been a roving person. I will give my kids that opportunity to know all parts of the world too. I understand Yoruba and I have appeared in a couple of Yoruba movies. I also speak Hausa. Of course, I speak Igbo. If you pay me now, I can speak any language.

We are going to keep aiming for the sky……..excerpt

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List Of Winners At The HEADIES 2012

Headies awards 2012 debut

The number one award for mainstream hip hop and RnB artiste in Nigeria, the HEADIES, took place at the expo hall of the Eko Hotel and Suites for the third time in a row. It was indeed a classy event.

Below are the names of winners and their awards….
Best RnB Singer – May D – Soundtrack
Best Pop Single – Iyanya – Kukere
Best Rap Single – Angeli -Vector ft 9ice
Best RnB/Pop Album – P Square
Best Street Hop – Chuddy K
Best Rap Album – Ice Prince – E.L.I
Best Vocal Performance (Male) – Wande Coal – Private Trips
Best Vocal Performance (Female) – Tiwa Savage – Love Me Love Me Love Me
Best Collaboration – Sound Sultan ft Excel and Flavour – Orobo
Revelation of the Year – Wizkid
Recording of the Year – Brymo – Ara
Best Label Head – Banky W
Producer of the Year – TY Mix – Super C Season (Naeto C)
Lyricist on the Roll – Vector – Angeli
Next Rated – Davido
African Artist of the Year – Sarkodie (Ghana) Azonto
Artiste of the Year – Wizkid
Album of the Year – Psquare – The Invasion
Best Music Video (Director) – Jude Okoye – Chop My Money
Song of the Year – D’banj – Oliver Twist
Headies Hall of Fame – Femi Kuti

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Exposed!! Why D’Banj And Don Jazzy Broke Up Plus Dr SID Ambition

Greed, personal ambition, quest to be popular ahead of others are some of the factors that led to the “untimely” collapse of the Mo’Hits Records group, an audio conversation has revealed.

Just when we were thinking the D’banj versus Don Jazzy saga was ending, yet another controversy has emerged; this time former Mo’Hits-now-MAVIN act, Dr SID, plays the leading role in the ‘never-ending’ controversy.

Further findings have revealed that Mo’Hits collapsed because the small boys in the house, Dr Sid in particular, wanted to grow faster than his shadow and might have indirectly pushed Don Jazzy into taking some wrong decisions.

A secret recording which has leaked is now giving a little more insight as to why the former ‘super group’ broke up with bosses – D’banj and Don Jazzy parting ways.

Dr SID in the recording, was heard talking in a rather upset tone about how D’banj’s personality was over-shining his and the rest of the crew members. “Why don’t they know my name? Because your brand and star is too much. It is overshadowing”, Dr SID angrily said in the recording.

Young singer, Davido, who was part of the discussion, however had another opinion; he argued back and forth with Dr SID, explaining that it was D’banj that actually brought Dr SID and others to the limelight. “Guuuy, it’s not that, D’banj can help anybody, ….If not for D’banj nobody would have looked at Wande, guy I dey lie?” Davido stressed.

According to NET, it is a well known fact that Dr SID and D’banj have been having inside brawls even though he (D’banj) was the one that brought Dr SID into Mo’Hits. Several sources insist Dr SID was one of the persons who engineered the Mo’Hits split and he wanted to always be as big as D’banj. Wande was content as the fan favourite, D’Prince is okay as long as his elder brother makes the money.

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At Last Debtor Who Set Up Aluu 4 Victims Arrested

“I want to announce that we have made a breakthrough in the Aluu killings. The two main suspects in the case have been arrested and they will be prosecuted.”

The above was police on Tuesday announced a major breakthrough in their investigation into the lynching of four University of Port Harcourt students. The Inspector General of Police disclosed the arrest during a security meeting with Chief Executive Officers and security officers of banks at the Force Headquarters, Abuja.

The arrest brings the number of suspects arrested by the police to 23 in the videotaped lynching of the four innocent students which sparked outrage nationwide after the clip of the killings went viral on the Internet.

The police has named Coxson Lucky, alias Bright, as the mastermind of the lynching. Lucky, who owe one of the students an undisclosed sum of money, reportedly raised the alarm that the students were robbers when they went to his house to demand for the money. The mob, which converged on the venue of the altercation, then beat and burn the students to death.

However, two of the suspects, who admitted taking part in the mob action, claimed that their involvement was “minimal”. While the first suspect, David Chinasa Ugbaje, said he only hit the students twice, another suspect, Ikechukwu Loius Amadi, claimed that he only beat the students once with a small stick.

Ugbaje, who said he was a cobbler, described one of the students as his customer. He said, “Around 7am on that day, I saw a crowd beating four boys. I asked who the four men were and they (crowd) said they were armed robbers. So, along the line, we went there. I opened the gate and they entered. I could not control the crowd. They pointed at one of our co-tenants; the name of the person is Bright.

“Some people said they wanted to break Bright’s door. So, they started beating the boys very seriously. They took them out from my street. I now left the house. I only beat them twice.”

Ugbaje disclosed that while one policeman at the scene of the incident pleaded with the mob to hand over the students to them, another beat the students. “Along the line, two policemen arrived. One of the policemen was pleading (for the boys), the other one joined in beating the boys. After beating the boys, the police now said the boys should be handed over to them. The crowd shouted, ‘We no go gree, we no go gree,” he said.

The killed students have been identified by the management of the university as 19-year-old Lloyd Toku ( 200 level Civil Engineering); 18-year-old Ugonna Obuzor (200 level Geology student); 20-year-old Chiadika Biringa, (200 level Theatre Arts student); and Tekena Erikena, a 20-year-old a diploma (Technical) student.

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Lamentations From #Aluu: The Students I Served for 35yrs Destroy All I Laboured For

My inquisitive into the recent happenings in Aluu of 4 UNIPORT students that was lynched made me stumbled on the below account of a retiree of the university, thanks to olufamous for the report:

lamentation from aluu

As the police continue with their investigations into the circumstance surrounding last week’s killing of four students of the University of Port Harcourt, Chukwudi Akasike reports that those behind the act will suffer the burden of guilt for a long time.

Rivers, a state that prides itself as the Treasure Base of the nation, has been battling flood disasters in three local government areas before it received with shock the news of the grisly murder of the four young students by a lynch mob.

The people of Omuokiri Aluu in Ikwerre Local Government Area, one of the host communities of the tertiary institution, have been on the defensive since then about the circumstances that led to the lynching of the undergraduates.

The four students – Chidiaka Biringa, Kelechi Ugonna, Lloyd Toku and Tekena Erikena – were branded thieves, brutalised and set ablaze by some members of the community for allegedly stealing a laptop computer and a BlackBerry phone.

The incident, which occurred on October 5, 2012, has attracted condemnation from the international community. Not a few believe that the jungle justice meted to the UNIPORT Four gave out those behind the act as uncivilised, barbaric, cruel, inconsiderate and heartless.

Though many stories have been peddled about the circumstances that led to the killing of the students, the one that appears to be logical was that the students were forcibly held by some indigenes of Omuokiri Aluu community, after a student purportedly owing one of the slain students raised a false alarm that sent community members coming for their jugular.

For over two hours, the lynch mob stripped the students and beat them with cudgels, while a huge crowd urged them on. The gory episode went on even as one bloodthirsty man was seen in a video tape taking it upon himself to hit the obviously defenceless and almost motionless undergraduates until they began to gasp for breath.

Not satisfied, the man gave the students the final blows before mobilising his fellow executioners to set them ablaze.

Surprisingly, a group of policemen that came from Isiokpo could not save the situation. By the time operatives of the Joint Task Force and some parents of the students came to the scene of what many termed a disgraceful act by a community, three of the undergraduates had died. The remaining one that was gasping for breath died before the JTF could get him to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.

Satisfied that the students were dead, people of Omuokiri Aluu community went about their normal business, giving the impression that they did nothing wrong. But last Sunday, the State Police Command swung into action and arrested 13, including a community leader, who allegedly endorsed the killing of the four students.

It was at that point that the people of Aluu realised that they goofed by lynching the UNIPORT Four. Since the arrest, community members have been leaving their houses in droves in order to avoid being arrested by the police.

Again, the rumour of a possible reprisal by UNIPORT students to avenge the slaying of their colleagues, sent shivers down the spines of the hitherto fearless people. Ultimately, Omuokiri Aluu was deserted by its inhabitants, whose burden of guilt was not difficult to notice. The saying that a clear conscience fears no accusation came to the fore. In this situation, the conscience was not clear and there was no need to be stubborn about leaving the area to avoid being arrested.

But those who agreed to stay got a large dose of UNIPORT students’ anger. The students, who were mobilised by the National Association of Nigerian Students, blocked the busy East-West Road for many hours on Tuesday. They later stormed the community to vent their spleen on the people of Omuokiri Aluu. Houses, cars and other valuables were set ablaze within 30 minutes of the raid in the area, which is 3km from the institution.

Sensing that they were now on the defensive, the inhabitants of the area insisted that they were not involved in the killing of the undergraduates. Not even one of them (Omuokiri Aluu people) could point at one man or woman that was among the killers of the slain students. But those whose properties were damaged lamented their loss and sought government assistance to restore whatever amount their burnt property would cost.

When Saturday PUNCH visited the area, some indigenes of the community were seen in a pensive mood over the loss of their valuables. One of the leaders of the community, Elder Sunday Ahanonu, said that he lost all he laboured for to the reprisals by students of the university. Elder Ahanonu, whose house was torched by students on Tuesday, expressed shock that security agents could not stop the rampaging students from their destructive mission.

Explaining that he worked with UNIPORT for 35 years before retiring, Elder Ahanonu said he had lost everything he achieved in the past to the rage of the students he served. He appealed to the state government and the management of the university to compensate him for the destruction of his property, adding that he and members of his family were not involved in the killing of the four UNIPORT students.

Though, the university has been shut down indefinitely to prevent any further ugly incident, it is the prayer of every discerning mind, especially the grieving parents of the deceased, that those responsible for the killing of the young undergraduates are brought to book.

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